superiority complex

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an exaggerated estimate of your own value and importance

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Reformed crook Kevin Martin called his new firm, "My Neighbours Possess An Enormous Superiority Complex Yet Ironically They Are Both Emotionally And Intellectually Very Very Ltd.
Often being a major earner in the family the woman suffers due to man suffering from superiority complex (I had read somewhere that superiority complex is the worst form of inferiority complex).
Arrogance and superiority complex on the part of those who are paid to be in F1 should not dilute or colour those who pay to be in F1," read another tweet and third one was: "Have holders of purse strings and decisions makers in F1 become slaves to the whims of the big boys and the contracts?
Most in the subcontinent believe the old powers in the game suffer from a superiority complex, while many in England consider the Indian cricket establishment as nouveau-riche upstarts.
The superiority complex I mentioned earlier is really an inferiority complex Co the baleful basis of bullying.
Chua has been criticized for promoting certain races as "superior" to others, although the three elements she says are behind their success are a superiority complex, insecurity and impulse control.
Audley might have a superiority complex because he won a gold and me a bronze, but the Olympics are in the past," Price said.
The big miss is James Sherwood, a man so posh that in his presence even people with a superiority complex seemed inferior.
Mr Abdulrahman, who is the Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Press and Printing House chairman, also questioned why Iran seemed to be suffering from a superiority complex.
Superiority While the sight of Messi on prime time ITV might have done more than anything to rid us of our superiority complex, it was the brilliance of Bilbao which really ought to have brought us down a peg or two.
Settlement expansion that Israel executes in front of the whole world is proof of the occupation's superiority complex," said Ashrawi in a press release.
Gaddafi's "bloodiness" resulted from his superiority complex to the extent that he assumed that he can adapt with everything, live or dead in Libya.
ROBERTO MANCINI has warned his Manchester City team that they must get rid of their superiority complex if they are to win the Premier League title.
FRUSTRATED Richard Hill accused his Worcester side of believing their own superiority complex after another Saturday of struggle.