superior skill

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more than ordinary ability

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At 11-all the match was poised dead even but the Chinese displayed superior skill and speed to take the game and match away from Saina.
The superior skill and crew coordination of Captains Emerson and Hein successfully saved a $54 million national asset with no further damage.
We have always been committed to maximizing service efficiency and customer satisfaction by ensuring that our staff demonstrate a superior skill level in their areas of expertise," said Maher Al Nabawi, deputy general manager, Suzuki Saudia.
Federer then broke in the first and third games of the fifth set and finally began to dominate his opponent, eventually showing the form that has made him an all-time Wimbledon great as he at last exerted his superior skill.
Meanwhile, Hussain exhibits his beautiful but complex sculptures, demonstrating his superior skill and expertise in moulding his medium to his desire.
AUSTRALIANS may put it down to superior skill with bat and ball, but scientists say their success in the Ashes could be largely thanks to El Nino.
If you perform a task with superior skill, a positive attitude and a high level of knowledge, you are compensated just as your peers are across the board," she said.
But what was also obvious was a game played between one team high on endeavour and the other with superior skill levels.
Despite Piper's fine display against Glamorgan, Warwickshire back Frost's superior skill with the bat Warwickshire seconds lost by 71 runs to Lancashire at Old Trafford yesterday.
ByFriday, however, she seemed to have lost some of her rather superior skill s.
Nini Loucks and Shannon Omahen were applying constant pressure to defenses, Leah Cromwell was seldom tested in goal, and Kellie Corbett, Shannon Moore and Chelsea Seidenglanz enjoyed pushing opposing teams around with their superior skill.
MERIT awards are offered to investigators who have demonstrated superior skill and outstanding productivity during the course of their previous research endeavors.
Marksmanship skill badges were seen as elitist and were coming off the uniforms, and departments were going to a pass/fail scoring system where even evidence, let alone recognition, of superior skill was thrown in File 13.
Instead of amping up the volume of her part in the harmony to demonstrate her superior skill, she judiciously keeps it down to avoid overpowering Matteo's voice.
Eventually City can get the job done, but they may need to grind it out early on before the superior skill of Raheem Sterling, David Silva, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero can be seen.
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