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more than ordinary ability

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Meanwhile, Hussain exhibits his beautiful but complex sculptures, demonstrating his superior skill and expertise in moulding his medium to his desire.
AUSTRALIANS may put it down to superior skill with bat and ball, but scientists say their success in the Ashes could be largely thanks to El Nino.
If you perform a task with superior skill, a positive attitude and a high level of knowledge, you are compensated just as your peers are across the board," she said.
But what was also obvious was a game played between one team high on endeavour and the other with superior skill levels.
ByFriday, however, she seemed to have lost some of her rather superior skill s.
Nini Loucks and Shannon Omahen were applying constant pressure to defenses, Leah Cromwell was seldom tested in goal, and Kellie Corbett, Shannon Moore and Chelsea Seidenglanz enjoyed pushing opposing teams around with their superior skill.
MERIT awards are offered to investigators who have demonstrated superior skill and outstanding productivity during the course of their previous research endeavors.
Unhappy about the Gigg Lane display when Bury's no-nonsense physical approach overcame the Saddlers' superior skill, he may decide to make changes against the Hatters.
Having formerly defended some of the largest financial institutions in the world, our founding members use their valuable knowledge, experience, and superior skill for the sole purpose of achieving positive results for investors.
Wolves Leigh Griffiths is likely to lead the line on his own and he will need to receive more support than he did against the Belgians at Hampden, where their physical power was just as much of a stumbling block as their opponents' superior skill.
RBC will only offshore to suppliers when their investment in scale, technology or operational knowledge provides superior skill sets and capabilities that RBC cannot duplicate inside its own business or in Canada.
Breen, who believes the Columbian posses more of a threat than two belt world champion Amir Khan, admits it would be dangerous of McCloskey not to employ his superior skill in his latest test.
Firstly, I would say controlling a fifty-yard pass on your foot as opposed to catching a fifty-yard kick with your hands is much more the superior skill level.
The England over-55s international is banking on Barford's superior skill to win the day against Ipswich's more 'youthful' oldies.
Of course, the FA Cup's appeal lies in its perennial ability to create shock results and until the first goal goes in, many favoured sides play with a nervousness which belies their superior skill.
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