superior rectus muscle

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the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball upward and medially

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BoNT injection to the inferior and superior rectus muscles was determined to effect improvement of vertical deviations in thyroid eye disease.
c) It supplies the superior rectus muscle of the opposite eye
Emergency computed tomography demonstrated a homogenous enhancing extraconal space-occupying lesion in the left superior lateral orbit, with compression of the superior rectus muscle and inferior displacement of the globe causing proptosis (Figure 1).
Secondary IOOA develops due to weakness of the ipsilateral superior oblique muscle or the contralateral superior rectus muscle.
Coronal views on MRI scan of the right eye showed 2 mm nasal displacement of the right inferior rectus relative to the right superior rectus muscle and 3 mm inferior displacement of the right lateral rectus relative to the right medial rectus muscle.
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