superior rectus

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the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball upward and medially

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3%) 2/2 (100%) 3/5 (60%) Superior rectus - 1/2 (50%) 1/5 (20%) LOOM: limited oligosymptomatic ocular myositis; SEOM: severe exophthalmic ocular myositis
Effect of lid specula and superior rectus traction on intraocular pressure.
For example, when there is adhesion between inferior rectus and floor of the orbit, the superior rectus is mechanically ineffective.
She underwent orbital floor and rim repair, enophthalmos repair, superior rectus recession, and a scleral shell, resulting in no light perception (Arch.
Emergency computed tomography demonstrated a homogenous enhancing extraconal space-occupying lesion in the left superior lateral orbit, with compression of the superior rectus muscle and inferior displacement of the globe causing proptosis (Figure 1).
Action of the Extraocular Muscles with the Eye in Primary Position Muscle Primary Action Secondary action Tertiary Action Medical rectus Adduction Lateral rectus Abduction Superior rectus Elevation Intorsion Adduction Inferior rectus Depression Extorsion Adduction Superior oblique Intorsion Depression Abduction Inferior oblique Extorsion Elevation Abduction
BoNT injection to the inferior and superior rectus muscles was determined to effect improvement of vertical deviations in thyroid eye disease.
sup][5] described one and three intramuscular lymphomas, respectively; they were located in the rectus (one in the superior rectus muscle, two in the lateral rectus muscle, and one in the medial rectus muscle).
While the levator palpebrae superioris and superior rectus muscles were innervated by the upper branch, the medial rectus, the inferior rectus, and the inferior oblique muscles were innervated by the lower branch (2-4).
Secondary IOOA is associated with ipsilateral SOP, whereas in primary IOOA there is no SOP or contralateral superior rectus palsy.
After application of a wire speculum, a superior rectus bridle suture was placed and secured.
Items: Wire Speculum, Superior rectus forceps, Conjunctival scissors, Corneal Scissors, Hydrocanula.
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