superior pulmonary vein

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either of two pulmonary veins (left and right) returning blood from the superior lobes of the lungs

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In this report, annuloplasty of the inferior pulmonary vein with a cuff technique using an orifice of the superior pulmonary vein allowed for much easier performance of end-to-end anastomosis, leading to successful reconstruction without a patch or prosthesis.
1, 2) displayed a large mediastinum, computed tomography showed 13x9x11 cm lobulating, heterogeneous hypodense mass in superior mediastinum that compressed left superior pulmonary vein (Fig.
The diameter of LAA orifice; the distances between the orifices of left superior pulmonary veins, left anterior descending (LAD) artery, circumflex artery, mitral valve, oval fossa and LAA orifices were measured.
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