superior conjunction

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(astronomy) the alignment of the Earth and a planet on the opposite side of the sun

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Mercury goes through superior conjunction on February 17th and enters the evening sky, pursuing Venus.
Later in the autumn, the planet's disk will appear nearly full, but tiny, as the planet heads for superior conjunction next January.
Venus underwent a superior conjunction on March 28 and is therefore not visible for most of this period.
Innermost planet Mercury is at superior conjunction on the third (opposite side of the sun from the Earth) and so will start to become visible in the evening sky after sunset from the middle of the month.
16 Mercury at superior conjunction on far side of the sun (unviewable); Jupiter at "east quadrature"(at 90 [degrees] east of the sun, thus in south around sunset).
Tribune News Network - Doha : The brightest Planet of our solar system "Venus" will be at Superior conjunction with the sun next Tuesday January 9, 2018 at 9:00 Am Doha local time.
Mercury goes through superior conjunction with the Sun on October 8th, passing from the morning to the evening sky, but it's too poorly placed for observation from mid-northern latitudes this month.
An inferior conjunction only happens for Mercury and Venus because their orbits are inside Earth's orbit, while superior conjunction happens for all the planets in the solar system.
Venus is lost in the solar glare at the beginning of the period in question, and experiences superior conjunction on March 28.
Venus is at superior conjunction on 31st (opposite side of the sun from the Earth) and Mars is still very low in the morning sky.
During Superior conjunction phenomenon; Jupiter will be passing very close to the Sun, Hence it will be at nearest point from the Sun and farthest point from the Earth.
After passing through superior conjunction on March 7th, -1.
Immediately following superior conjunction, distant and tiny Venus sets very soon after the Sun.
Mercury will be difficult to see this month as it passes through superior conjunction on 14th.
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