superior colliculus

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an essential visual center between the retina and the striate cortex

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Interaction of cortex and superior colliculus in mediation of visually guided behavior in the cat.
The major midbrain structure that is targeted by ipsilateral temporal RGC axons and contralateral nasal RGC axons is the superior colliculus (Fig 2).
A widely distributed circuitry supports the inhibition of response in all ages, but specific regions of the brain, such as the frontal and parietal cortices and superior colliculus, become highly involved and collaborate in preparing a response as people become adults, Dr.
Budipine is a low affinity, N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist: Patch clamp studies in cultured striatal, hippocampal, cortical and superior colliculus neurones.
Topics covered include: ocular motor periphery; brainstem and superior colliculus control mechanisms; cerebellar control mechanisms; basal ganglia and cerebral hemisphere control mechanisms; and nystagmus and multiple sclerosis.
Some nerves leaving the eye do not synapse in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) but travel on to the superior colliculus and pretectal nuclei.
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