superior colliculus

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an essential visual center between the retina and the striate cortex

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For instance, within the superior colliculus (SC) -- a midbrain area that initiates eye movements to peripheral stimuli directly based on input from the eyes -, much more neural tissue is dedicated to processing foveal signals than to processing peripheral signals.
It has been observed in monkey that the neurons in the superior colliculus are involved in a somatosensory motor feedback loop that monitors the force of the active muscles together with the spatial position of the limb that is required for proper interaction with an object (Nagy et al.
Led by Matteo Caleo of Italy's National Research Institute (CNR) in Pisa, the researchers injected a botulinum toxin into each rodent's superior colliculus, a part of the brain that deals with input from the eye.
1998, 2005; Steriade, 2006) In Figure 3, the main collothalamic pathways are shown as relays from the colliculi to the thalamus; the visual and somatosensory/multisensory pathways are shown as running together from the superior colliculus, and the main auditory pathway is shown as running from the inferior colliculus.
Furthermore, Ignashchenkova, Dicke, and Thier (2003) demonstrated using single unit recording of the superior colliculus supported the existence of neurons (the visuomotor neuron) that contain both covert attentional and oculomotor control.
Sprague performed classic experiments on unilateral inattention in cats and demonstrated that the superior colliculus plays an important role in orienting behaviors [6].
Behavioral and electrophysiological studies suggested the involvement of the Superior Colliculus (SC) with the inhibition elicited by a non-informative cue (Rizzolatti et al.
The major midbrain structure that is targeted by ipsilateral temporal RGC axons and contralateral nasal RGC axons is the superior colliculus (Fig 2).
A widely distributed circuitry supports the inhibition of response in all ages, but specific regions of the brain, such as the frontal and parietal cortices and superior colliculus, become highly involved and collaborate in preparing a response as people become adults, Dr.
Budipine is a low affinity, N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist: Patch clamp studies in cultured striatal, hippocampal, cortical and superior colliculus neurones.
In another set of studies, we found that bilateral lesions to any one of eight structures: (1) substantia nigra, (2) caudatoputamen, (3) ventral tegmentum, (4) pontine reticular formation, (5) globus pallidus, (6) ventrolateral thalamus, (7) median raphe, and (8) superior colliculus, significantly affected performance on a wide variety of problem solving tasks (Thompson, Crinella, & Yu, 1990a).
Topics covered include: ocular motor periphery; brainstem and superior colliculus control mechanisms; cerebellar control mechanisms; basal ganglia and cerebral hemisphere control mechanisms; and nystagmus and multiple sclerosis.
We want to understand how these decisions are formed in the brain, and how information is processed along the hierarchy of visual areas and in superior colliculus (SC), a motor structure of the midbrain.
b] mice (VM) showed mild to moderate gray matter vacuolation of the medulla, superior colliculus, thalamus, and septum.
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