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infection that occurs while you are being treated for another infection

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Bacterial superinfection of viruses such as herpes simplex, para-influenzae, varicella zoster and Epstein-Barr also results in epiglottitis.
Prognostic factors fort he development of superinfection in febrile neutropenic cancer patients (abstract no 1695).
HIV superinfection, when a person acquires a second, new strain of HIV, may occur as often as initial HIV infection in the general population in Uganda, according to a recent study.
Immune driven recombination and loss of control after HIV superinfection.
They found no correlation between cirrhosis and hepatitis D superinfection.
This way, the superinfection is blocked in the liver by the first infection.
There was a lot of discussion of superinfection at that time, which tended towards scare-mongering, but I was very well informed given my active participation within my clinic and felt that with an effective HAART regimen and some open and clear discussion, there was probably very little risk involved.
Infection with the two viruses occurs either simultaneously or sequentially as a superinfection in chronic HBV carriers.
Possibility of viral thyroiditis with secondary superinfection with MRSA from pre-existent low-grade bacteremia could not be excluded.
Hepatitis E superinfection produces severe decompensation in patients with chronic liver disease.
Areas of suppurative inflammation were also noted, suggesting superinfection within the infarcted areas.
Superinfection of a renal cyst or diverticulum may simulate a renal abscess.
Deterioration of previously stable LFTs in a patient with chronic hepatitis B viral infection could be related to viral reactivation (5), superinfection (6), or HIV co-infection (7).
The radiologic appearance of lesions can vary over time due to the variation in gas trapping, retained fluid secretions or superinfection (2).
A large randomized clinical trial of a silver-impregnated urinary catheter: lack of efficacy and staphylococcal superinfection.