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By superfluousness, they mean "the distinctively political problem of dehumanization associated with the deliberate infliction of large-scale degradation, exclusion and, ultimately, dispensability or disposability from political life of increasingly larger numbers of people" (3).
Art is, to our busy, fulfilling lives, like a Sodastream is to a kitchen: a pleasant routine-breaker, but ultimately a beacon of superfluousness.
Loneliness, the common ground for terror, the essence of totalitarian government, and for ideology or logicality, the preparation of its executioners and victims, is closely connected with uprootedness and superfluousness which have been the curse of modern masses since the beginning of the industrial revolution and have become acute with the rise of imperialism at the end of the last century and the break-down of political institutions and social traditions in our own time.
In part two, I discuss two traditional ways of expunging the quandary by deriving negation from some ontologically positive dimension, thereby demonstrating the ontological superfluousness of negation.
The extent of state sanctioned brutality and murder underscores the superfluousness of African American life.
Such attempts can generate further distortions: usefulness becomes superfluousness in the form of unemployment; craftsmanship becomes alienation as autonomy and self-formation are frustrated in the technical division of labour; affective labour becomes commodified by the requirements to extract maximum value from the carer; and solidarity becomes the conscious attempt to use socialisation and the bonds between persons to promote management ideology for the purpose of increasing organisational profit.
The siege, he argued in his speech, can "break Gaza's runaway population growth - and there is some evidence that they have - that may begin to crack the culture of martyrdom which demands a constant supply of superfluous young men.'' The fact that Kramer fails to make the connection between Israeli policies and the conditions that lead to economic "superfluousness'' undergirds his logical and analytical ineptitude.
At issue here is certainly the superfluousness and "total rejection of love" (Blum 89) characterizing the mechanized, ideal superhuman Futurist type, in accordance with the (almost "anorexic") reduction of human physiological needs mentioned before, but also a creative attempt to cope with the realization that love should be saved (or "conservato") from the ravages of time precisely in order to assure the existence of the "uomo futuro." (8)
This poem is usually anthologized as an expression of Russian-style Weltschmerz and one of the key early statements of superfluousness in Russian literature.
This means the Federal level, and Congressperson seems the most "doable." The Green Party must take on this challenge--otherwise, it's doomed to superfluousness.
What the prefaces and the pre-systemic texts offer us is not a Science of the beginning before the beginning--hence the superfluousness of prefaces to Science--but a series of reflections on philosophy and its conditions of activation that are not themselves the point of activation.
Ranke simulates the superfluousness of rhetorical techne, which in turn presents him as a gifted storyteller who reaches full mastery of rhetoric by making it redundant in his narrative.
The superfluousness of the poor in a tourist city was made palpably apparent by the rising water.
These luxuries also lead to lethargy, procrastination, superfluousness, narcissism, self-importance, petty jealousies, fractiousness over trivia, and for those aware of these temptations, identity crises.
In ways that both reflect and cause the conspicuous consumption of the Blue Coat, the ideal literary man of the mid-eighteenth-century revealed his correct thinking, his acceptable feelings, his very moral suitability as a man and as a husband, through the inordinate superfluousness of his tears--a sort of emotional conspicuous consumption, if you will.