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an effort above and beyond the call of duty

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While aretaic duties to cultivate virtuous character traits may de facto require supererogatory actions, they do not (typically) require one to supererogate on any given occasion towards any given person.
When one supererogates one expresses a virtue, but the praise that such an action invites is aretaic, not deontic, for no one has a right to one's heroism.
necessitated by) doing the minimum; but it shouldn't turn out that in doing the minimum by calling you on the bedroom phone, I thereby supererogate. So "[??]MIp" is too weak.
(We have already seen the need for a permissible minimum.) So one can supererogate while still falling short of an optimal performance.
Anyone who supererogates that to her or himself is impious to the highest degree, for that amounts to both blasphemy and idolatry, an act not forgiven by God and one that will be around the necks of the perpetrators on the Day of Judgment.