superconducting supercollider

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a collider that operates at very low temperatures

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The background of the Superconducting Supercollider is as follows.
In the case of the Superconducting Supercollider, scientists concerned with the program were cohesive, and their unity was critical in selling the program to the Department of Energy and helping the department to promote it to the president and Congress.
Fallows attempted a program of neoliberal reforms, asking Congress for legislation that would limit physician incomes to $29 million per year; establish hourly first-class sleeper train service from Washington to Charleston, West Virginia, at an average public subsidy of $287,000 per passenger; make public schools and the draft mandatory for everyone except children of Fallows' friends and members of his administration; close the Superconducting Supercollider, restored by Congress in 1995 following its 1993 cancellation and expanded into a six-county combination science project and theme park employing 625,000 supervisory personnel.
He has backed billion-dollar Texas pork projects like the Superconducting Supercollider and the Space Station.
and continuing to support the superconducting supercollider, the space station and Star Wars.
The current component design and fabrication stage of the Superconducting Supercollider project and the increasing popularity of MRI systems are the biggest technology drivers for high-T[.sub.c] materials.
He also called for continued support of SDI and the Superconducting Supercollider.
Although still smarting from the demise of the Superconducting Supercollider earlier this decade, Congress approved funding for the Large Hadron Collider to be built in Switzerland by a consortium of nations.
Could senators really be elected in Wyoming who, unlike Alan Simpson and Malcolm Wallop, were not committed to protect the mohair subsidy, or in Texas who, unlike Lloyd Bentsen and Phil Gramm, those luminous fiscal conservatives, were not wedded to the multi-billion-dollar superconducting supercollider? And they will logroll with one another just as they always have.
It says that criteria are unclear for megaprojects such as the superconducting supercollider, the human genome project, and the manned space station (which the OTA says has =little justification on scientific grounds").
For that matter, how do you sell a breeder reactor or fusion energy, the human genome or a superconducting supercollider? NASA is not alone in wrestling with the problem posed by Kay.
Now Fermilab's 900-GeV Tevatron must step aside for the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC), the 20-TeV device that supposedly will assure U.S.
THE SUPERCONDUCTING Supercollider (SSC) passed its most challenging test in late January When the Dept.
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