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Synonyms for supercilious

Synonyms for supercilious

overly convinced of one's own superiority and importance

Synonyms for supercilious

having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

expressive of contempt

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Lady Arabella's entry, in her usual unconcerned, haughty, supercilious way, heightened the effect, so that when the two stood close to each other battle was joined.
The Chief Steward must have stuck to his point, whatever it was, because Hamil- ton was heard again more supercilious if possible, and also very emphatic:
So the young man makes his bow and goes downstairs, where the supercilious Mercury does not consider himself called upon to leave his Olympus by the hall-fire to let the young man out.
Besides this, in his behavior to women Anatole had a manner which particularly inspires in them curiosity, awe, and even love- a supercilious consciousness of his own superiority.
George's valet was looking on in a very supercilious manner at Mr.
But he was not relieved by that; for, let him think what he would, the Chief Butler had him in his supercilious eye, even when that eye was on the plate and other table-garniture; and he never let him out of it.
No," said Stephen, with rather supercilious indifference.
I shall hang on steadfastly to the checkout retailer and if possible refuse to allow a smiley face to be exchanged for a supercilious, robotic tinny voice.
He was reacting just like any suspicious, supercilious tourist who expects to see abroad what he's used to at home.
Kids will enjoy the comic dialogue of the two dogs and the zany illustrations contrasting the two active dogs with the supercilious Siamese cat.
My 5-year-old daughter is a big fan of the Disney Winnie-the-Pooh stories, and now her favorite word is supercilious, as in "That supercilious scoundrel confiscated my honey
We get supercilious people who waste our taxes yet dispense with any responsibility or accountability.
Everyone is so in your face and unctuous as if you were the first rainfall after a drought and the check in clerk is so sugary polite and courteous that people like me who are not to the manner born keep looking over their shoulder to see who the man is talking to, it cannot be you and the bellhop leads you the elevator like you were royalty and you think how much do I give him, what is the least I can get away with to avoid that supercilious sneer and then you pad down these thick-carpeted corridors and you put your key in and sure enough it comes red, not green and you have trek all the way back because no hotel has yet worked out a way to save guests this ridiculously annoying trip.
He reverted back to his sneering, supercilious self, telling Jeremy Corbyn to "put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem".
For example, Wake is an outsider among the "blue water aristocracy," which gives veracity to the sparks he strikes with Bennington's supercilious executive officer, a Naval Academy graduate.