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Synonyms for supercilious

Synonyms for supercilious

overly convinced of one's own superiority and importance

Synonyms for supercilious

having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

expressive of contempt

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Lady Arabella's entry, in her usual unconcerned, haughty, supercilious way, heightened the effect, so that when the two stood close to each other battle was joined.
The Chief Steward must have stuck to his point, whatever it was, because Hamil- ton was heard again more supercilious if possible, and also very emphatic:
There was no concealing the fact, Cecil had meant to be supercilious, and he had succeeded.
So the young man makes his bow and goes downstairs, where the supercilious Mercury does not consider himself called upon to leave his Olympus by the hall-fire to let the young man out.
Besides this, in his behavior to women Anatole had a manner which particularly inspires in them curiosity, awe, and even love- a supercilious consciousness of his own superiority.
George's valet was looking on in a very supercilious manner at Mr.
But he was not relieved by that; for, let him think what he would, the Chief Butler had him in his supercilious eye, even when that eye was on the plate and other table-garniture; and he never let him out of it.
"No," said Stephen, with rather supercilious indifference.
By the way, thinking about it, I do have one phobia - to do with supercilious, pedantic, know-it-alls!
In most of the political analysis shows, a few copycats deliver the same systematic, monotonous, supercilious tones.
And if AW doubts that this cynical manipulation of the truth was deliberate, he might care to read the 1971 paper on Sovereignty and the European Communities by mandarins at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, released under the 30-year rule, with its supercilious dismissal of the UK's "dislike of remote and bureaucratic government (especially by foreigners)".
In a perennially long season of dry spells, he was, as I remember him now, a cheerful public figure who took criticisms on the chin and did not need to smirk or sneer at our questions and complaints (unlike that MWSS lawyer, one of many, whom you felt like punching in the face for the supercilious way he replied to questions put to him by senators at a formal hearing recently).
But if that's what it takes to make Mrs May's bone-idle, Brexitobsessed, boss-backing, ignorant, supercilious ministers do the job we pay them to do, then so be it.
In any case, do not get snubbed or flee abroad by supercilious or trespassing telephone calls (like IGP Jan did).
It is reportedly said that he had grievances against his teacher for repeatedly failing him five times, So being easily submissive and capitulative he yield to teacher's supercilious and condescending attitude, and preferred to commit suicide instead of struggling more with his teacher's entrenched obduracy.