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  • verb

Synonyms for superannuate

to remove from active service

to make or become obsolete

Words related to superannuate

retire and pension (someone) because of age or physical inability

Related Words

declare to be obsolete

Related Words

become obsolete

Related Words

retire or become ineligible because of old age or infirmity

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Panda will take over from Zohra Chatterji, who superannuates on July 31.
One is the long-standing issue of clawbacks when military superannuates receive a (sometimes) unexpected reduction in their pension to compensate for other pension payments, supposedly to counter double-dipping.
The Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA) appears to have given up the fight, but military and RCMP vets continue to lobby for the removal of this unjust levy.
Singh is the senior most officer in the Indian Foreign Service and will succeed incumbent Rajan Mathai who superannuates on July 31.
The Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA), which acts in the interest of Public Service and Canadian Forces retirees, recently announced that the Federal Court of Appeal has upheld a decision that the Compulsory Retirement Age policy in the Canadian Forces was discriminatory and a contravention of human rights.
The 1976 Bihar cadre officer will succeed Vinod Rai, who superannuates tomorrow after five and a half years of eventful tenure as the head of the Constitutional financial watchdog.
Ibrahim will take over from current DIB Nehchal Sandhu, who superannuates on December 31, 2012.