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Synonyms for superabundant

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

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most excessively abundant

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Nevertheless, the "money strings" behind Regent Connerly's "Yes on 209" political action group were superabundant. The office of the California Secretary of State reports that the group raised $5,239,287, and of this amount approximately $3 million came from the deep pockets of contributors who donated at least $10,000 each.
We live in a superabundant universe, but limit ourselves with our consciousness.
Superabundant and artificial sources of winter food (e.g., aquaculture, grains), which created winter habitat that maintains more birds than the corresponding breeding habitat can support, has increased overwinter survival of double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) and snow geese (Chen caerulescens) to the point that these species have become significant problems in many areas.
The cane suffusing Toomer's landscape was a superabundant use-value, possessing limited nutritional value for a population threatened by pellagra and, indeed, starvation.(4)
Levi-Strauss was slightly daunted by Serge's reputation as a former colleague of Lenin but he found his physical presence at odds with this, more like an `elderly and spinster aunt', with `an asexual quality, which I was later to find among Buddhist monks along the Burmese frontier, and which is very far removed from the virile and superabundant vitality commonly associated in France with what are called subversive activities.'[13]
While fruit production may at times be so great that much of the fruit remains unexploited, I suggest that this period of superabundant resources is generally very brief during any given year.
Jean Rosenthal - who had been the Mercury's stage manager and general factotum (and ultimately succeeded Abe as lighting designer) - regaled us all, during our collaborations with her in the '60s, with tales of those electrifying Mercury productions, how Abe and Welles had shared a boyhood fascination with the Great Thurston, a remarkable magician whose ingenious lighting technique they reinvented and dramatically developed to serve Welles's superabundant theatrical imagination.
Produced for the sake of destruction without reserve, decadent beauty wants to be the accursed share of the utilitarian moral and economic bourgeois system precisely by asking to be pleasurably consumed as always superabundant and without return.
But in 1995, when Michigan tried to legislate a hunting season for its superabundant doves, the Michigan Audubon Society (the second biggest chapter with 40 sub-chapters of its own) shouted the bill down.
The fact that some goods or resources are superabundant (i.e., free) is not used to refute the insatiability of our wants.
The few who spend their time fanning the flame, who work laboriously to dig up new facts, figures, or whatever may have a sensational appeal, do not impress me as book-lovers; they do not write from a superabundant wealth of experience or association with books; they are not overflowing with rich memories, bizarre encounters, shattering firsthand discoveries; they are not making symphonic parallels and analogies with other books, other authors, other languages, other times.
In the superabundant conditions of today, special effects and reproductions receive a different content: they become ersatz architecture, which serves commercial objectives and expresses its cynical attitude to history.
And not then, either, if food is superabundant, leading to population explosion and inevitable crash.