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a cooler darker spot appearing periodically on the sun's photosphere

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HINODE continuously tracked the same sunspot with high spatial resolution for several days.
Sunspots are useful and important to study not only because they provide information about the inner workings of our host star; understanding them is significant also because they are an important factor in space weather.
Revisiting the Sunspot Number: A 400-Year Perspective on the Solar Cycle, Space Sciences Series of ISSI 53, The Solar Activity Cycle: Physical Causes and Consequences, A.
The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), launched by NASA in 2006, consists of two identical satellites orbiting the Sun, allowing stereoscopic imaging of sunspots and coronal mass ejections.
Sunspots can be the size of Earth or as big as Jupiter.
AR1835 S09[degrees]/011[degrees] was a single Hsx sunspot on the SE limb on Aug 24 and just over the limb on Aug 25 & 26.
This direct association of sunspot and facular matter has recently been re-emphasized as a result of studying large flares on the solar surface [61].
Unbeknown to Europeans, Chinese astronomers had discovered sunspots more than a millennium earlier.
Every 22 years, the sun's magnetic field switches north and south, creating an 11-year sunspot cycle.
Scientists say the sun has been relatively quiet over the past two winters - as Irish weather-watchers know - even though it is supposed to be approaching a peak in its 11-year sunspot cycle.
Sunspot activity runs on an 11-year cycle from many hundreds of sunspots to none at all.
During 1947, a sunspot of about 130,000ml diameter was observed.