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lightness created by sunlight

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In O Nuallain (2003) and passim below, this author contrasts the early Wittgenstein's HGP-like sunniness about the prospect of a neat semantic description for language taken as a whole with his later wholesale rejection of that idea, and his insistence that language could be processed only within microcontexts that he called "Language games".
Nevertheless, by introducing complex and potentially controversial themes, the ASEAN Curriculum Sourcebook productively avoids some of the problematically simplistic sunniness of the initiatives discussed in the previous section.
It's precisely this freedom and sunniness, not our proclaimed decency, that has made America the envy of the world.
Add to that Elgar's symphonically conceived Overture: In the South which exuded warm sunniness, as well as a beautiful Neapolitan song on solo viola, this was, surely, a perfect postlude to a highly successful Summer Music.
It's always a challenge, says Marshall, having "20 pairs of feet all trying to sound like one person." Audiences love the "brightness and sunniness" of group tap numbers, and Marshall loves delivering what they want.
Among submissions to the ninth exhibition, see Nomura Seigetsu's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] New Sunniness [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
But Cod's cynical indifference acts like a thick slice of lemon to counter-balance that great tide of sunniness and fairy-dust that this plot has otherwise been sprinkled with.
Michael Bell was interviewed, but with no sound we could only analyse the sunniness of his smile.
While Freiburg is held to be the warmest city in Germany, the country is hardly famed for its sunniness. Yet the solar panels on Schturer's roof are not all that unusual, thanks to a German energy policy called "feed-in tariffs" (FITs).
Available as a download and limited edition 7 inch (Everton blue vinyl!), it fizzes along with a shimmering sunniness that should brighten this miserable summer we're having.
of man, the necessity of equality, and the sunniness of The Future came
Kristy's got this natural bossy sunniness that makes people think she is more capable than she really is.
Indeed, Reta rejects sunniness. When Margot Offenden-donor of the Offenden Prize (the name suggesting bland literature that will offend no one), which "recognizes literary quality and honours accessibility" (81)--croons, "It's heaven to find that sunniness still exists in the world" (82), Reta rejects the label: "I don't consider myself a sunny person.