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in a cheerful manner

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The Luxembourg Gardens now look like an Impressionist painting, as "all sunnily 'composed' together.
I m not sunnily optimistic about where the Western economy is going .
As a consequence, in 2000 the Medicare Trustees sunnily projected that the program would be solvent through 2029.
Literary criticism has not always taken the drama's political measure, sunnily asserting, for instance, as recently as the 2005 Penguin edition that from the moment it escapes the world of Duke Frederick, "all the rest of the play is one long celebration of benign comic freedom"; (2) or even concluding that Shakespeare's Arden "seems to have only one definitive attribute: an exclusion of contemporary reality.
IT MAY have been a miserably grey and horribly wet day, but it takes a lot to get Clive Brittain down, and racing's most incurable optimist was sunnily dancing a jig in the winner's enclosure after landing a 12.
When the film he's working on falls through, he takes on the script of a young single mother, Teresa (Jasmine Trinca, sunnily intelligent), without having read it.
There's the gluttony caused by spiritual, intellectual, and ethical malnutrition, growing weedy-wild after 30 years' proselytizing of an ideology of sunnily upbeat amnesiac mean-spiritedness.
Iraq was of course raised, but a calm and collected elections supremo merely stressed that voters were more concerned with daily life issues like health, adding sunnily afterwards: "I'm not annoyed at all.
Because it seemed to me that no person who found the Iraq war morally repugnant could have gone on television and talked sunnily about how this or that weapon was ravaging Iraqi defenses.
While some of its fundraising letters have in the past denigrated "religious political extremists" who oppose their agenda, the report here sunnily highlights the work of the PPFA Clergy Advisory Board which "leads a national program to increase public awareness of the spiritual, ethical, and moral dimensions of reproductive choice and to encourage clergy and lay religious leaders to support the Planned Parenthood mission.
9] Shining sunnily, the king, like the Sun-god, sat down next to her on the throne, the great dais.
Off to the side of the bar is a sunnily yellow dining room with simple wooden tables which is where we were headed.
She's sunnily self-effacing; she makes neuroses appealing.
They were, to be sure, inattentive to the administration of the bureaucracy (arguably a core responsibility for a chief executive), but Schlesinger sunnily explained that this freed them for the more important task of "moral leadership.