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lighted by sunlight


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For the boat was back, the screw throbbing, and the prisoner peering through his porthole across the sunlit waters that he believed had closed for ever over his comrade's head.
They fell on the sunlit slope of grass, and he did not pick them up.
Pollyanna did not stop now to look up at the patches of blue between the sunlit tops of the trees.
Southward they were piled in great snowy masses, so that he was half disposed to think them mountains; northward and eastward they were in wavelike levels, and blindingly sunlit.
He went to the side of the car and remained for a time staring with unseeing eyes at a huge cluster of great clouds--a cluster of slowly dissolving Monte Rosas, sunlit below.
All the gaunt wrecks, the black- ened skeletons of houses that stared so dismally at the sunlit grass of the hill, would presently be echoing with the ham- mers of the restorers and ringing with the tapping of their trowels.
Beyond, the rock opened again upon a gradual slope of sunlit greenery, and on either hand the light smote down through narrow ways into the central gloom.
She sat silent, and the world lay like a sunlit valley at their feet.
Sunlit billows smooth and sinister, without a crest, without a sound; miles and miles of them as I rose; an oily grave among them as I fell.
It reminded Philip of the dirty little harbour with its colliers at Blackstable, and he thought that there he had first acquired the desire, which was now an obsession, for Eastern lands and sunlit islands in a tropic sea.
In the same flash the figure of a man had passed outside the first window, crossing the sunlit pane like a lighted stage.
I went out through the portal into the sunlit world again as soon as my hunger was satisfied.
The clamour of our excitement had died out, and our living ship, famous for never losing steerage way as long as there was air enough to float a feather, stole, without a ripple, silent and white as a ghost, towards her mutilated and wounded sister, come upon at the point of death in the sunlit haze of a calm day at sea.
HIGH on a mountain of enamell'd head - Such as the drowsy shepherd on his bed Of giant pasturage lying at his ease, Raising his heavy eyelid, starts and sees With many a mutter'd "hope to be forgiven" What time the moon is quadrated in Heaven - Of rosy head, that towering far away Into the sunlit ether, caught the ray Of sunken suns at eve - at noon of night, While the moon danc'd with the fair stranger light - Uprear'd upon such height arose a pile Of gorgeous columns on th' unburthen'd air, Flashing from Parian marble that twin smile Far down upon the wave that sparkled there, And nursled the young mountain in its lair.
Rolling pasture lands curved upward on either side of us, and old gabled houses peeped out from amid the thick green foliage, but behind the peaceful and sunlit countryside there rose ever, dark against the evening sky, the long, gloomy curve of the moor, broken by the jagged and sinister hills.