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characteristic of the bony face of a cadaver

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Horrified by kids running amok, overpriced bottles of coke and sunken-eyed morons dully prodding fruit machines, we hurried back to the sanctuary of the car.
Like a gloomy, sunken-eyed version of the Chuckle Brothers, Norwegian brothers Andre and David-Ivar Herman Dune led their four-strong band through a melancholy set.
Even on a good day, you see it at the checkpoints: the sullen, sunken-eyed regard of the Palestinian teenager, the whispering anger of all the Palestinians, the Israeli soldier's jittery gun waving or his laughing disrespect for the old man in the robe and head cover, the dark jokes inside the checkpoint guardrooms and the darker jokes among the pent-up passengers inside the cars, among the men who are herded between cement walls protected with razor wire, among the vendors who've developed a whole new trade servicing the people stuck in the lines.
Gordon concludes that despite a recent leveling off in the drug's use among adolescent males, evidence suggests adolescent females increasingly are using it to lose weight, possibly influenced by the "heroin chic" look - the emaciated, sunken-eyed and pale-skinned appearance popularized by young models.
Glen Small is a frazzle-haired, sunken-eyed visionary with a devil-may-care self-destructive streak.
There was one interview where he was looking worse for wear, unshaven, sunken-eyed and long-haired, talking about not being able to find a guitarist or saxophonist, so he had two bass players because they were easy to get.