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a hat with a broad brim that protects the face from direct exposure to the sun

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Wear a large-brimmed sunhat all year long, like the Shapeable Sun Catcher hat with UPF 50.
Festival must-haves, according to Katrina Larkin Sunhat - "A good hat protects you from the sun, but also hides your hair if you can't be bothered to wash it.
Stylist Daniela Agnelli put Cibulkova in a bright pink Antonio Berardi mini-dress (the same one RenE[umlaut]e Zellweger's sporting in this month's Marie Claire), a navy Lacoste cable-knit sweater and Just Cavalli white mini-skirt; and white bathing suit, white shirt from Ralph Lauren and large white sunhat.
Children's delicate eyes need protecting from the sun, so even from birth, ensure you protect your baby's eyes with a sunhat or umbrella.
From the slouchy travelling clothes, to the beach jewellery, the clutch of itsy-bitsy bikinis, the perfectly cut kaftans and the sparkly thong flip-flops that, although I can't actually walk more than ten feet in them, look fabulous poking out from underneath my silk maxidresses, and, of course, the compulsory beach headgear - stetson in Ibiza, wide-brimmed floppy sunhat for Miami.
I'm amazed and horrified at how | used to trek for months without a sunhat.
Several other scenes--one showing the artist laughing maniacally, wearing a blond wig, sunhat, sunglasses, pancake makeup, and thick strings of pearls; another in which the artist, beaten and bloodied, repeatedly dunks his head into water and blabbers as if undergoing a B-movie police interrogation--are delirious but overindulgent, fatally undercutting the inventive bricolage and spatial complexity of the rest of the video.
On this occasion, he was accused of everything from mishandling a delicate diplomatic situation to wearing a silly sunhat on a trip to Amritsar.
The other is unkempt, wears old shorts, a battered sunhat and dries his spare socks by hanging them on his backpack.
Summer calls by for the weekend GET out the sunhat and suncream - summer will finally arrive this weekend.
Her trip to Santa Cruz to stay with Johnny's square parents (Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman), who awkwardly attempt to make their daughter-in-law feel comfortable by buying her a giant sunhat and decorating her bed like a Halloween attraction, affords Dracula the chance to train Dennis in the ways of the monster world.
So, under a straw sunhat, I walked from Birkenhead Park to Landican Lane, found on Woodchurch Road, opposite the Asda car park.
He has to wear a sunhat to prevent some of the scar tissue being sunburned but otherwise his wound is completely healed.
For kids * Girl's flower reversible sunhat by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses, above, pounds 16, from www.
The Lotus driver, who wore a sunhat with a pair of glasses, and checked beach shorts, looked to be in good spirits as he took in the views of the gorgeous sea and joked about with his chums.