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a hat with a broad brim that protects the face from direct exposure to the sun

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Several other scenes--one showing the artist laughing maniacally, wearing a blond wig, sunhat, sunglasses, pancake makeup, and thick strings of pearls; another in which the artist, beaten and bloodied, repeatedly dunks his head into water and blabbers as if undergoing a B-movie police interrogation--are delirious but overindulgent, fatally undercutting the inventive bricolage and spatial complexity of the rest of the video.
Such were the seamer-friendly conditions, he was kept out of the attack until the 42nd over - although he had taunted the crowd by taking off his sunhat several overs earlier before passing the ball on to Andrew Symonds - with England 82 for two.
On the way back, carrying the berries in my sunhat, I heard Sophie bark and turned to see her trembling in a perfect setter point, staring at a huge gray porpoise.
On this occasion, he was accused of everything from mishandling a delicate diplomatic situation to wearing a silly sunhat on a trip to Amritsar.
The other is unkempt, wears old shorts, a battered sunhat and dries his spare socks by hanging them on his backpack.
So, under a straw sunhat, I walked from Birkenhead Park to Landican Lane, found on Woodchurch Road, opposite the Asda car park.
So drink little and often and wear appropriate clothing and a wide-brimmed sunhat.
He has to wear a sunhat to prevent some of the scar tissue being sunburned but otherwise his wound is completely healed.
For kids * Girl's flower reversible sunhat by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses, above, pounds 16, from www.
The Lotus driver, who wore a sunhat with a pair of glasses, and checked beach shorts, looked to be in good spirits as he took in the views of the gorgeous sea and joked about with his chums.
As seen at the BBC Radio 1 studios, London - Hair Hat - Gaga's own blonde locks splayed out into a huge sunhat teamed with black see through net dress.
Warne (above) took a bow by the boundary rope and doffed his sunhat to the crowd, revelling in some mutual respect with the old enemy.
Children's delicate eyes need protecting from the sun, so even from birth, ensure you protect your baby's eyes with a sunhat or umbrella.
Children need extra protection - remember the 3S rule - Sunhat, Shirt and Suncream.
But it was Sarah Conley @styleit in her cute two-piece and sunhat by the ocean who captured the mood of the hashtag with: "Full body #fatkini realness.