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the worship of the sun


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Long before the hedonists of the roaring twenties took it up, sun-worship was central to a lifestyle ideal of a decidedly different and unglamorous kind: back-to-nature nudism.
Any given sunny weekday, Birmingham's workers peel off their tops or kick off their shoes and find a space in which to stretch out, chat and sun-worship.
It might have been an astronomical viewing platform, a centre for sun-worship rituals, a monument to the dead or a mass burial site.
Wearing a new figure- hugging swimsuit, she took her two sons off for more sun-worship and swimming.
But not everyone gets the chance to lie on a beach to top up their natural glow and others, like me, refuse to sun-worship.
Of course, a trip wouldn't be complete without stopping at Walt Disney World, but Florida is also a mecca for sun-worship pers who prefer a more relaxing holiday and those who want to take in some culture.
But before you slip into your string bikini, you saucy mare, make sure you can sun-worship in privacy.
Now the celebrated Sports Illustrated magazine has started another craze - covering your essential bits with body-paint before going out to sun-worship.