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(of plants) flourishing in strong sunlight

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Sun-loving Eryngium 'Sapphire Blue' "has a neat flower that seems to last forever," says Sams.
Luscious photos and simple "how to" information supply you with everything you need to know to grow 24 useful additions to your medicine cabinet: 12 sun-loving plants that are easily cultivated in the backyard or on a windowsill or deck, and 12 common wild herbs.
Recently, there has been an interest in replacing conventional "shade" varieties of coffee plants with sun-loving varieties.
What I had forgotten was just how aggressive, abusive and unbending sun-loving militants can be when faced with alternative views.
Patio areas usually make great positions for sun-loving fruit and vegetables as well as decorative flowers and shrubs.
If you prefer pastel shades, plant sun-loving cone flowers in shades of pink and white for a cooler, more subtle scene.
Sod is grown in wide-open fields under conditions that favor sun-loving grasses.
The book features step-by-step instructions on sowing and growing a variety of veg, set out in sections including salad crops, the pea family, cabbage family and onion family, root crops and sun-loving veg including tomatoes, peppers and chillies and aubergines.
Record temperatures as sun-loving Britons flock to the beaches IT'S time to dig out the bikinis, shades and suncream as Britain swelters in the hottest October day EVER.
LEEDS/BRADFORD is best known as the gateway to the Med for sun-loving Yorkshire folk but in football terms these are two sides desperately awaiting lift-off.
It's a sun-loving annual that grows well in mixed containers and hanging baskets.
Are you a sun-loving fashionista who finds surfing really fun?
In his father's lab, he studied a sun-loving fungus that could project its own spores up to 10 feet in the air.
Plant sun-loving cone flowers (Echinacea), in shades of pink and white.
My Friends the Flowers" is also a child's first flower gardening instruction manual, with specific instructions for how to plant a bug-scaring garden (of marigolds), a sun-loving garden (of sunflowers), and a fast growing garden (of morning glories).