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a shade (sometimes of green mica) affixed above the windshield of an automobile

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This unique smart sun visor invention is mainly targeted to be used in Autonomous vehicles.
Clam shell' style sun visors for example tend to be made of a lightweight material and metal arm and, when opened and closed, can make an irritating noise.
All too often I see drivers struggling with sun visors and lifting a hand to shield their eyes from the sun's glare.
Yet the urge to provide stylish touches to woo buyers means the blindingly obvious - like sun visors - can get overlooked.
Schwarzenegger has even autographed the sun visors of several on-sale vehicles to attract customers.
4 D-4D diesel engines further benefit from chromeeffect interior trim details and driver and passenger sun visors with vanity mirrors.
4 D-4D diesel engines further benefit from chrome-effect interior trim details and driver and passenger sun visors with vanity mirrors.
The limousine feel is carried on with roof lining and sun visors in alcantara, and burr walnut interior trim with individual inlays.
Bradley's team has developed a way to compress the husks' stiff fibers into a lightweight material that could replace the synthetic (human-made) materials currently used in automobiles' trunk liners, sun visors, floorboards, and inside door panels.
If you feel you need to buy any child seats or sun visors, or want to upgrade your seatbelts, and do not know where to look visit www.
Brenda Sharpe, 67, was on her way back from the final rehearsal for the ceremony when she saw the spider between the sun visors in her Peugeot 106.
Holly Hambridge and Robyn Ellis incorporated sun visors, second-hand netting and shopping bags into their dress, as well as items from the range, which has 250 products in a new design of packaging.
Hi-Tech's EZRim high-pressure RIM machine is designed as a low-cost, simple alternative to low-pressure machines for production of gaskets or for lamination of sun visors, where PUR can replace epoxy.
It contains two windscreen sun visors and two St George's flag wing-mirror stickers plus applicator and instructions.