sun tea

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tea made by exposing tea leaves steeped in water to the direct rays of the sun

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Shopping at the farmer's market for local foods, composting, using a hand lawn mower, Heating with a wood stove instead of a furnace, riding bikes and walking instead of driving, drying laundry on the line instead of the dryer, making sun tea, all of these activities seem weird to Sheila.
And our final picture shows the Ringtons-Sunday Sun Tea Dance at the Old Assembly Rooms in Newcastle.
Closed Sun tea and all day Monday, Open Tues -Sat for lunches and tea.
By the time Dad changes his clothes and is sitting on the metal lawn chair with a glass of sun tea, there are 18 jars of jam standing on their heads on the white linen towel.
Another beautiful and refreshing way to enjoy the nourishment of spring is to make sun tea that's brewed with freshly gathered herbs.