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a ceremonial dance performed by Amerindians at the summer solstice

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Significantly, the Kiowa Sun Dance and affiliated warrior society dances attracted visitors from other tribes.
Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance, written by Peltier during his tumultuous incarceration at a Kansas state penitentiary and edited by Washington author Harvey Arden, has been well worth the wait.
Sure, I remember my first Vision Quest, pipe ceremony, sweat lodge, Sun Dance and healing ceremony or being danced into the powwow circle by elders for the first time, but the big moments are always easy to recall.
Watching the setting sun dance on the rippling water outside and being surrounded by bustling conversation made the stresses and strains of the working week fade away, and the delicious freshly-baked bread dipped in high quality oil and vinegar was an ideal nudge towards the meal.
A long and very well-written essay on the Native American sun dance combines an academic historical account and personal story with deeply touching and fresh insight into dance as inseparable from the life-sustaining practices of indigenous peoples in a way that brings profound understanding to their way of life.
Eashappie had met Elder Oakes in 1999 during a Sun Dance.
What would happen if it should slip down at a social for mums and tots or worse still at the annual sun dance attended by tribal elders and other celebrities.
With the influence of Aboriginal cultural professor Clifford Cardinal from Goodfish Lake First Nation, who practices traditional way of life as a Sun Dance chief, the medical students are able to job shadow and receive insight into spiritual ceremonies that expand their approach to dealing with people, said Whitford.
Frustrated with conventional revitalization strategies, Eaglefeathers and other traditional Cheyennes are convinced that the only way for their language to be saved is for their people to form a deeper connection with traditions such as the sun dance.
Because of the nature of the food supply, tribes needed to scatter most of the year, so mandatory attendance at a sacred ritual such as the Sun Dance, believed to renew the supernatural power that sustained them, became an essential part of Plains Indian religion.
Sources say commercial director Ian Taylor may dress up as a Native American tribesman and perform a sun dance on the ancient shores of the park's lake although there are fears the performance may be scuppered by health and safety jobsworths.
One of the biggest ceremonies was the Sun Dance, which the Plains peoples held at the start of the summer bison hunt.
It was summer in South Dakota and I was on the Rosebud Reservation, tending fire for a Sun Dance.
Never mind rain dances, I've been doing a sun dance, as I have a lot of fast-ground horses and there has been absolutely no point in running them for the last two months" - Jonjo O'Neill after Yellow Flag had obliged
Watch the sun dance over the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Sikh religion's most spiritual sight.