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The physical structure, the room's division, the sumptuousness, the architectural beauty that was often compared to the Baroque architecture of the cities colonial period, as it can be observed in the Barao de Mipibu School Group, all of those aspects brought in themselves the formation of a new imaginary: the place image proper to the primary education which didn't exist before.
(We will not view the landscape again, or the radiant sun that bestowed on the king his nickname, but for a brief glimpse through a grated window.) A claustral chronicle of Louis's protracted death in August 1715, Serra's masterpiece (which opens in US theaters this month) contrasts the sumptuousness of the court-- enveloped in lace and brocade, the sovereign sports a proliferating peruke of ringlets and frizz that seems to encroach on his cranium as he withers--with his sickly limb, rapidly blackening from gangrene.
With its sumptuousness twinkle, this limited edition displays 31 high-class Cubic Zirconia - used by top fashion industry brands - making it one of the most exclusive products in the COGITO range.
In fact, even the sheer number and sumptuousness of the costumes seem to have risen this year.
Although Scott is known for the sumptuousness of his images, with design elements that appear to border on fantasy, his vision is very much grounded in history.
The untrammelled sumptuousness of courtly life stands out in the highly elaborate furnishings and personal apparel, such as women's silk ceremonial skirts embroidered with gold thread and men's outfits in the finest cotton and silk brocade.
The delicate, thinly cut strands of sumptuousness almost melt in the mouth.
Maryam Ali prefers the routine of fasting during Ramadan to the sumptuousness of the Eid spread.
The curators designed the first part of the exhibit like a movie set decorated with vintage accessories conveying the unequalled sumptuousness aboard.
Sumptuousness or luxurious living, which the capital sin of lust originally addressed, is today better known by such terms as status seeking, conspicuous consumption, living on credit, and debting.
mounds of delight in your hand Yet no whit of its sumptuousness is equal
They have been revered and accepted undisputedly for their sumptuousness in their elite looking bathroom repertoire.
The Leopard, his 1958 novel about the last days of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the first days of a (theoretically) united Kingdom of Italy, is a postwar classic, justly admired for its ironic, melancholic spirit, its melange of sumptuousness and sadness, its evocation of an old, tired island at the outset of a (supposedly) dynamic, democratic age.