summum bonum

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the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived

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O desafio seria atingir a consciencia dos principios-guia que organizam os processos de significacao, o que propiciaria a geracao de novos habitos mentais, de acao e de sentimento sempre que a realidade externa assim o exigisse, ou seja, o Summum Bonum.
For example, Lilla spends little time discussing the connection between Hobbes's denial of a summum bonum and his inglorious affirmation of a corporeal--that is to say, nonspiritual--soul.
Should the "right" of American consumers to get the best deals on cell phones, CD players, widgets, and wagons be considered the summum bonum to which all policy must be directed?
There is evil in the world -- and perhaps in outer space, as his hero Ransom discovers -- but at last it is the supreme good, the Summum Bonum, that triumphs, revealing itself as Life and, therefore, Joy.
The reason A is such an effective reductio argument is that, although Christianity prides itself as ultimately grounded in love of God, its soteriology is teleological--that is, goal-oriented toward achieving the summum bonum of eternal happiness.
Summum Bonum Amon Ra, of Salt Lake City, also has bronze coffins shaped like the sarcophogus of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.
The much-disputed term rehte minne, behind which lie the bien amer of the Roman and ultimately Ovid's sapienter amare, implies neither judgment of the lover's conduct nor skill in ars amatoria; rather it means happy fulfilment of a love that has nothing in common with Ovidian art, but is a transcendent force, the summum bonum celebrated by Veldeke in his lyrics.
Summum bonum theories are explicitly rejected as reductionist.
Nowell also officially changed his name to Summum Bonum Amon Ra, but is known to many as "Corky" Ra.
The authority of government, of good government, was to be derived from its intrinsic worth, and the will of the people, largely ignorant of the way of the pursuit of the political summum bonum, was of no account.
These principles guide deliberations over community welfare in respect of a fundamental understanding of persons and their fulfillment based upon the bonum honestum and summum bonum of human flourishing.
In this culture, the suzerainty of self sanctions the rationalization of one's own happiness, rather than service to others, as the summum bonum.
In fact, one should recognize that Landino's real intention in book I is to determine whether action or contemplation is better for attaining the summum bonum (the subject of book 2).
In antiquity, Plato had reasoned to a summum bonum, Aristotle to a prime mover and to a self-thinking intellect.