summing up

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a concluding summary (as in presenting a case before a law court)

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While claiming that Rockwell was a great artist in the realist tradition that runs from Eakins to Estes, Marling also has him straddle the Modernist fence, summing up his Shuffleton's Barbershop, 1950, a plate-glass-window view of rooms beyond luminous rooms, with the equation "William Sidney Mount + Mark Rothko = Norman Rockwell.
takes away some of the mysticism of it,'' Brown said, summing up the prevailing attitude Saturday.
Summing up the system's award-winning performance characteristics, CT editors note that the Little Glass House is "a total package for cooling, power and security problems for critical equipment while Liebert offers on-line technical phone assistance and on-site maintenance or repair service.
The pretty blonde, who was not at the final summing ups, pleaded guilty last year to the murder.