summer solstice

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June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point

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com/what-does-summer-solstice-mean-definition-longest-day-year-2554599) READ: What Does Summer Solstice Mean?
People gather at Stonehenge to see in the new dawn during this year's Summer Solstice yesterday
We ask all attending the summer solstice to respect the stones and the people around you.
A Strawberry Moon - a full moon which marks the start of the strawberry season - has not coincided with the Summer Solstice for almost 50 years.
The Philippines and other countries in the northern hemisphere will experience the longest day on Tuesday during the summer solstice, the state weather bureau said Monday.
THE summer solstice is on Tuesday, just before noon, and astronomically speaking marks the start of summer.
In an interview with KUNA, the Kuwaiti meteorologist said that the daytime average of the fasting month will be at around 14 hours, adding that Ramadan this year coincided with the summer solstice.
Summer Solstice normally occurs over the night of the 20th June/morning of 21st June and winter is the morning of 21st or 22nd December.
com)-- Shawn Cain Films has signed a contract with, Summer Solstice Publishing, to release the first ever, Ultimate Death Match book.
The city holds an annual festival devoted to the animal's meat on the summer solstice, which has provoked an increasing backlash from animal protection activists.
A striking alignment occurs on the north-central part of the gardens of the Taj Mahal during the summer solstice which usually occurs on June 21.
Saudi nights are at their shortest and daytimes are at their longest around the summer solstice," said Mustafa, adding that the shortest day of 2014 will occur on December 21 or 22, exactly six months from now.
The Summer Solstice has a long tradition of attracting people to monuments such as Stonehenge, off the A303, where latter-day Druids gather to witness the sun rising on the longest day.
AROUND 37,000 people gathered at Stonehenge yesterday to see the sun rise - mostly through their camera phones - on the summer solstice.