summer hyacinth

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southern African herb with white bell-shaped flowers

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Neither agapanthus africanus, the African lily, nor galtonia, the summer hyacinth, are fully hardy.
Reliably hardy and a true bulb, the summer hyacinth Galtonia candicans with its ivory-white flowers is superb.
In pots, I plump for freesias and alstroemerias in the front line, with anemones and summer hyacinths tucked in behind - all the while watching that those colours don't clash.
Try some Chinese ground orchids, blackberry lilies, canna lilies, elephant ears, lilies of the valley, crocosmias, hardy cyclamens, dahlias, summer hyacinths, gladioluses, day lilies, irises, or true lilies for a coordination of flowers through summer into fall.
Freesias, anemones, summer hyacinths, alliums, gladioli, cosmos, alstroemerias and dozens of others will be adorning shelves soon, ready for you to plant out in the next few weeks once the soil has warmed a little.
CANNAS are the kings of the borders, but try some old-fashioned gladioli and summer hyacinths.
CANNAS and SUMMER HYACINTHS look great in borders as do GLADIOLI which - like DAHLIAS - are making a comeback after years in the snooty gardening wilderness.
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