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Synonyms for summation

the act or process of adding

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for summation

a concluding summary (as in presenting a case before a law court)

(physiology) the process whereby multiple stimuli can produce a response (in a muscle or nerve or other part) that one stimulus alone does not produce

the arithmetic operation of summing

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More information about Summation can be found at http://www.
Thus, in the second term on the right hand side in (18), the terms involving infinite summation of sinusoidal functions divided by [[alpha].
While at ILTA 2010, Brian Karney commented on this first Summation product release since the merger.
is the Cosine Transform of a function f then we have the Poisson Summation Cosine Formula [2]
We are excited about our partnership with CT Summation," said Robert Childress, President of Wave Software.
Some immediate applications of Ramanujan's summation formula to arithmetic number theory are considered in [2, Sec.
In a remarkable summation, the newspaper's editorial listed current perils as "the obliteration of Christianity; the deification of sensuality; the proscription of property; the abjuration of all religion and morality; the repudiation of marriage, and as a necessary corollary the state adoption of children; universal license; and the wrecking of civilization and giving over of society to general plunder.
The Summation Research family of companies announced the formation of SRI Hermetics Inc.
Confession includes a brief historical summation of the developments and changes in the sacrament and practice of confession, including a present-day understanding.
But it functions as a summation of lefty gripes about life in these United States.
BOB COSTAS' summation of the XFL: "A delightful combination of mediocre high school football and a caveman's conception of showmanship.
The trial court precluded the plaintiff's counsel from commenting during summation about the defendants' failure to call the witness.
Formulas may contain summation signs, which help state how to perform the calculations.
Baker's final summation to the jury came after a dramatic and teary-eyed finale to the plaintiffs' case.