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form or constitute a cumulative effect

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For while both men may be tattooed, blinged-up fashion icons, both are regarded by those who know the mascon - summate hard-working professionals.
The aims of the following review are two-fold: 1) to evaluate studies that have investigated prevalence and symptoms of hyponatraemia in active females and 2) to extract and summate, up-to-date scientifically founded rehydration recommendations.
The principle of echo-train spin-echo sequences is to summate multiple echoes within the same TR interval to decrease examination time, increase spatial resolution, or both.
After a tryout in Florida opened to mixed notices, the show's producers tapped con summate Broadway gagmeister Jerry Zaks to put things in order.
These changes summate with the actions of epbedra and caffeine.
The literature of marketing identifies commitment, trust, cooperation, mutual goals, interdependence/power imbalance, performance satisfaction, comparison level of the alternatives, adaptation, non-retrievable investment, shared technology, summate constructs, structural bonds, and social bonds 15 as dimensions that impact the "buyer-seller" relationship.
Other formulae can then be inserted to summate scores and produce a ranking of the final grades.
We set a criteria for assessment, is this criterion-based or is it norm-based where we compare him with a personalityThe off-the-cuff statements we have to summate them.
However, it has been established that the current from other monitoring devices that also measure thoracic impedance (such as those monitors that display respiratory frequency) can summate with the pulsed current from MV-RRP.