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a brief and unsympathetic rejection


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I will focus here on one in particular--the volume's (and series') start date of 600 and the consequent summary treatment of urban life in Roman Britain.
The summary treatment does not provide sufficient detail for a meaningful assessment by this reviewer.
Summary treatment does not in feet seem to have led to significant misrepresentation of the Christian material.
One is instinctively on guard against the likely sleight of hand by which such a theory of knowledge will be fitted to, maybe even wrapped around, the NT text, which is allowed only a rather small space and summary treatment in chaps.
While Johnson continued to produce anecdotal and sentimental pictures, he simultaneously experimented with a lighter palette, looser brushwork and summary treatment of forms.
However, given the scope of this study, it is not surprising that detail is lacking, with much of the information given a summary treatment.
The text of the Boethian treatise provides a summary treatment of the various schemes of division developed by Plato and Aristotle.
Gargantua receives summary treatment in thirty-two pages, since all of it, including Theleme, smacks of Christian Stoicism and evangelism, and less of things Platonic.
So we reconcile ourselves to the summary treatment of such as Nothanker (though the attack on imagination and 'romance' there is of interest for what follows) and Siegwart and (a little less readily) to the absence of Sophie von Laroche's novels.
Manns pursues the idea of outward signs of the spiritual, and the struggles with consequent problems, through a number of other figures, who are given much more summary treatment.
The final outcome most closely resembles encyclopedic literature, that is, a summary treatment of overlapping subjects often given with very little argument (p.
It is difficult to imagine a major philosopher more in need of introduction than Plotinus, nor one whose thought is so deeply resistant to summary treatment.
The original 16 chapters have added material to bring their summary treatments up to date.