summary judgement

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a judgment rendered by the court prior to a verdict because no material issue of fact exists and one party or the other is entitled to a judgment as a matter of law

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For an example of a post-Brosseau decision denying summary judgement, see Sample v.
Newark Building also claimed that the lessee's motion for summary judgement could not be granted because Newark Building needed to have pre-trial examinations of the plaintiff in order to determine the intention of the parties as to the refund disposition.
As a result of this summary judgement Teva and Mylan can bring their generic version of Remeron to market in the United States as soon as the U.
Nasdaq: HBIO) today announced that the US District Court (District of Massachusetts) had ruled in favor of HBIO's request for summary judgement for its use of the Harvard Apparatus name.
However, the execution of this partial summary judgement is pending the resolution of the counter claims by Jury during a court proceeding later this year.
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