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Synonyms for summary

Synonyms for summary

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for summary

performed speedily and without formality


Related Words

briefly giving the gist of something

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Once the grace period given by the creditor lapses, the creditor becomes entitled to file its application for a payment order in the summary court.
In Baptist life, Garrett contends that the Charleston Summary of Church Discipline is an adequate model and should be emulated.
In summary, if you are concerned with the power issue, use this feature.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, finding that the physician had trained nurses regarding alcohol withdrawal, and the nurses did not have the requisite state of mind, knowledge and disregard of possible risks to sustain a deliberate indifference claim.
Beginning with the executive summary offers tremendous benefits, especially if the writing is a team effort.
The weapon system cost report provides the summary cost for any system or the entire aircraft with a comparison of the original price and availability and final prices.
SUMMARY OF CASE ALLEGATIONS: Rampart officers shot Peralta-Iraheta in the back as he climbed the stairwell at 676 South Shatto Place, then framed him by saying he pointed a gun at them.
Judge Quinn first addressed the question of public policy and the purpose of FDCPA, as opposed to the purpose of a summary proceedings.
To increase your odds of winning, this article recommends how to produce a winning executive summary.
How condensed have summary annual reports proven to be?
The district court granted summary judgment for the jail officials and the appeals court affirmed.
In opposing summary judgment the grandson attempted to explain away his previous glaring admission by suddenly claiming "confusion".
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the officials, finding no Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment violations from the size of the cell.
When a New York co-op board appealed a Civil Court decision in a summary proceeding case, it not only won at the Appellate Term, but was awarded almost $40,000 in legal fees incurred over the course of the trial, at both the Civil and Appellate Courts.