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Synonyms for summary

Synonyms for summary

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for summary

performed speedily and without formality


Related Words

briefly giving the gist of something

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the preparation and adjudication of summary judgment motions, see Diane
Once the grace period given by the creditor lapses, the creditor becomes entitled to file its application for a payment order in the summary court.
The then Punjab inspector general of police (IGP) Amjad Javed Saleemi and the PSCA management were apparently not taken on board while drafting and submitting the summary.
Barr, in a four-page summary of the special counsel's findings, wrote that Mueller did not conclude the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government, and he neither concluded that Trump committed obstruction of justice nor exonerated him of it.
The summary states Uber was given permits and fitness certificates for five different routes for five different vehicles in 2016.
To this, the Punjab minister told, 'I will personally look into the matter and will get the summary approved by the chief minister 10 days.'
In the Department of Paediatrics at CHBAH, each discharge summary is completed by hand, in triplicate, using a carbon-paper pro forma template; one copy of the summary is filed in the patient-retained outpatient file and the second in the hospital archive, while the third is sent for capture into an electronic database maintained by the Respiratory and Meningeal Pathogens Research Unit (RMPRU).
Ogra has submitted details of the proposed summary to the petroleum division and subsequently the decision over new prices will be taken after approval of the prime minister.
The cabinet division may not accept any summary received after that period.
Proposals regarding subsidy amounting to Rs 1.73 billion on 19 essential commodities have been worked out in the summary.
During course of hearing of case, CJP remarked 'On what basis the government has returned the summary pertaining to fee?
It published a high level summary of the main findings and the key conclusions of the Skilled Person's Report and on the 23 October 2017 we published the Interim Summary.
MILITARY SUMMARY TRIALS are ancient, outdated and unfair, and they are insulated from judicial scrutiny.
The first republished summary is for the report, "Outbreaks of Acute Gastroenteritis Transmitted by Person-to-Person Contact--United States, 2009-2010." That summary was republished online by AJPH on October 8 (available at, along with an editorial describing the collaboration (available at