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the act of preparing a summary (or an instance thereof)

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Computer scientists and others involved with language processing explore the current state of general-purpose and domain-specific document summarization methods, social networks and web news summarization, and multilingual summarization.
Summarization technology developed in SENSEI will be evaluated with respect to user~s productivity in the context of ecological scenarios, specifically, call centre and social media conversation analysis.
We think this is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with summarization technology," he said.
Intellexer Summarizer Pro is intended for professional use in various business fields and possesses an outstanding quality of summarization due to combination of linguistic, statistical and heuristic algorithms.
Keywords: computational linguistics, natural language processing, computer science, information retrieval, question answering, text summarization
The meeting began with a World Health Organization expert's summarization of a recent workshop on nonhuman antimicrobial drug use and antimicrobial drug resistance.
The process starts with a clear understanding of the sources and uses of the corporate information: its standardization, replication, migration, summarization and integrity.
Finally, a summarization was needed regarding the purposes and patronage of these paintings in connection with the Important factors of class, religion, gender, etc.
Furthermore, some items are acted upon only for daily balancing, monthly summarization, quarter end, and year-end processing.
The information may be directly identified in the statement or it may be derived from analysis, aggregation, summarization or mathematical computation.
Summarization is a fourth learning strategy that can help students used deletion and superordination to construct and retain a succinct summary of important propositions from text.
Since financial statements already represent a summarization of financial data, how much further summarization was used in these summary annual reports?
Crump Life Insurance Services, a leading wholesale distributor of insurance products in the United States, has launched Risk Righter(TM), a new service that supplies summarization and electronic delivery of life insurance policy application medical files and associated documents to support the new business process.
4, a flexible semantic platform for software development, with more improvements and additional features in Intellexer SDK, Document Summarization module, Document Categorization module and Language Recognizer module.
This paper is about the Automatic Summarization task within two different points of view, focusing on two main goals.