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A great sum of money is waiting to be paid over to him as his inheritance; you are all henceforth very wealthy.
I thought it best to bring a sum of money for the purpose.
I mean to set down any sum of money I think right, "pursued Noel Vanstone, nodding his little flaxen head vehemently.
If I offer this man a large sum of money," he thought, on a sudden, "how do I know he may not find a means of actually making me pay it?
I remember, when I was once interceding with the emperor for a criminal who had wronged his master of a great sum of money, which he had received by order and ran away with; and happening to tell his majesty, by way of extenuation, that it was only a breach of trust, the emperor thought it monstrous in me to offer as a defence the greatest aggravation of the crime; and truly I had little to say in return, farther than the common answer, that different nations had different customs; for, I confess, I was heartily ashamed.
Whoever can there bring sufficient proof, that he has strictly observed the laws of his country for seventy-three moons, has a claim to certain privileges, according to his quality or condition of life, with a proportionable sum of money out of a fund appropriated for that use: he likewise acquires the title of SNILPALL, or legal, which is added to his name, but does not descend to his posterity.
To Pyotr, who was paying a money-lender 10 per cent a month, he must lend a sum of money to set him free.
He wrote that Ira Nutcombe of whom they had spoken so often had most surprisingly left him in his will a large sum of money, and eased his conscience by telling himself that half of a million pounds undeniably was a large sum of money.
I only desired he would take care and send me all my necessary things on shore, and leave me a sufficient sum of money, and I would find my way to England as well as I could.
Police also found a fourfigure sum of money in the car and related drugs paraphernalia.
Answering Trend's question, Qassemi also confirmed that during a recent visit by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to Tehran, the Iranian side had discussed the payment of a sum of money which British news outlets have called ransom for Zaghari's freedom.
The sum of money has been given to a military institution in the region pending its transfer to the customs, the source added.
Summary: New York [USA], October 30 (ANI): In a recent revelation, Rose McGowan has said that she was offered a significant sum of money to keep mum over the Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault allegation, just days before the news came out.
The sister-in-law was staying with the employer as a guest before travelling to Europe and she called her after she left the country upon discovering the jewellery were missing in addition to a sum of money in Euros.
Summary: Al Jarwan presents drivers with certificate of appreciation and a sum of money