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Synonyms for sum



sum something or someone up


sum something up


  • summarize
  • express concisely
  • express pithily
  • express in a word

sum up


Synonyms for sum

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

an amount or quantity from which nothing is left out or held back

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

to combine (figures) to form a sum

sum up: to give a recapitulation of the salient facts of

Synonyms for sum

References in classic literature ?
With the sale of my jewels I will obtain 10,000 gold pieces, and with this sum you will buy another slave.
Well I don't think that any Jews in the world would lend such a sum, even upon the crown of France.
Several of these festivals were held, and quite a little sum of money was raised.
Sometimes he staked a large sum, but Dolokhov refused to accept it and fixed the stake himself.
Lydgate was playing well, and felt confident; the bets were dropping round him, and with a swift glancing thought of the probable gain which might double the sum he was saving from his horse, he began to bet on his own play, and won again and again.
I do not remember how I got the money to buy them; to be sure it was no great sum; but it must have been given me out of the sums we were all working so hard to make up for the debt, and the interest on the debt (that is always the wicked pinch for the debtor
The object of his visit was to obtain from her her personal cheque for a large sum in return for a guarantee of her personal safety and return to England.
Mynheer Boxtel went to the headsman, to whom he gave himself out as a great friend of the condemned man; and from whom he bought all the clothes of the dead man that was to be, for one hundred guilders; rather an exorbitant sum, as he engaged to leave all the trinkets of gold and silver to the executioner.
When the sum at which they were valued was named, he pointed to a figure of himself, saying to the Sculptor, "You will certainly want much more for this, as it is the statue of the Messenger of the Gods, and author of all your gain.
At what sum do you estimate this bank's proportion of the country's loss by me?
The sum required was far too great for any individual, or even any single State, to provide the requisite millions.
Nephew Blifil, I leave you the heir to my whole estate, except only L500 a-year, which is to revert to you after the death of your mother, and except one other estate of L500 a-year, and the sum of L6000, which I have bestowed in the following manner:
And he began a long speech, explaining how straitened he himself was in money matters; how the tenants would not pay; how his father's affairs, and the expenses attendant upon the demise of the old gentleman, had involved him; how he wanted to pay off incumbrances; and how the bankers and agents were overdrawn; and Pitt Crawley ended by making a compromise with his sister-in-law and giving her a very small sum for the benefit of her little boy.
Such debts amounted to about four thousand: one thousand five hundred for a horse, and two thousand five hundred as surety for a young comrade, Venovsky, who had lost that sum to a cardsharper in Vronsky's presence.
Godfrey Ablewhite was entrusted with the care of a sum of twenty thousand pounds--as one of two Trustees for a young gentleman, who was still a minor in the year eighteen hundred and forty-eight.