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oppressively hot and humid weather

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the quality of expressing or arousing sexual desire

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Further, the pleasure of laughter and speaking loudly, of the body's will to inhabit space fully, of the openness of the horizon, and the sultriness of sea air, laced though it may be with diesel fuel and smog, are all ways of becoming visible.
Zik'r at Sage Gateshead ON a suitably summery evening, Zik'r brought a new level of sultriness to Tyneside with their
Medical assistance was provided for the schoolgirl who fainted due to heat and sultriness.
But not to worry -- Grande's sultriness was not over the top, which surely pleased the numerous parents who had been dragged to the show.
Wabi sabi is Billie Holiday's off-key sultriness, a knot in the grain of a fine piece of mahogany, and a tiny drop of red wine on the ivory page of a good book.
GLAM STYLE: Soft, plush furs and evening luxe, oozing sensuality and sultriness, with an air of mystery and a definite dark side
We'll see the great sun climb and midday will be hot but morning now, as evening later, spares relentless sultriness, humidity with temperate caress.
And the fact that Anne Curtis is on hand suggests that some sultriness, plus occasionally impetuous behavior, are decidedly in order
Summary: With the monsoon grudgingly making its way across the country, the weather has the right degree of sultriness to make you want a bottle of beer.
Like most renditions of this ballet, Perry's choreography fairly sizzles with sultriness and flamenco-inspired movement.
Stan Tracey's Octet fills the main evening with singer Liane Carroll adding the late-night sultriness.
Of particular note are Nagano's unexpectedly soulful vocals, which burst with a sultriness that quickly dismisses any image of dorks in lab coats behind a bay of hulking Moogs.
JMP: Where does the dark, melancholy sultriness of your books come from?
Though all the songs on the trilogy's first installation are stamped with his signature sultriness and lovelorn lyrics, they also showcase Maxwell's growing musical palette.
While Russell's visual style is fairly consistent throughout his career, with most scenes arranged in medium and long shots, he overuses the close-up here, making Tommy's blank gaze too repetitive, Oliver Reed's sweaty surliness even more of a cliched villainy, and Ann-Margret's sultriness too tawdry.