sulphonic acid

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an acid derived from sulphuric acid

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1-H perfluoroadamantane and perfluoro-1-adamantanol are predicted to be endowed with an intrinsic gas phase acidity close to 310 kcal mol-1, similar to that of strong conventional acids such as trifluoroacetic or methane sulphonic acids. Hyperconjugative effects on the structures of these species and their corresponding anions are seen to be quite significant although their detailed dissection remains a topic for future studies.
"In the former case, the decision to refer only to MSA in the specification and claims is likely to have involved a decision on his part not to seek protection for all the other sulphonic acids. In the latter case, he was not aware of the possibility of using any other sulphonic acid and in this respect the claim accurately reflects what he wanted a monopoly for."
"In my view the notional reader could not be reasonably confident that the inventor wanted to cover sulphonic acids other than MSA.
For example, he would be uncertain whether that protection reached the use of any sulphonic acid in the manufacturing process as well as the methanesulfonic acid (MSA) specified in claim 1 of the Patent.
"It is not necessary to consider which of these two possibilities is the most likely, but it is noticeable that the patentee not only does not refer to any other sulphonic acid or even hint that any other acid might work, but he ventures no opinion as to why MSA works and why the prior art failed."