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Synonyms for sullen

Synonyms for sullen

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

characterized by or expressive of a foreboding somberness


Synonyms for sullen

showing a brooding ill humor

darkened by clouds

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The savage spurned the worthless rags, and perceiving that the shawl had already become a prize to another, his bantering but sullen smile changing to a gleam of ferocity, he dashed the head of the infant against a rock, and cast its quivering remains to her very feet.
"It would be showing more of the kindness of a friend and comrade," Ishmael returned, in a tone sufficiently sullen to betray his humour, though it was no longer threatening, "had your shoulder been put to the wheel of one of yonder wagons, instead of edging itself in here, where none are wanted but such as are invited."
Murdstone, turning his head and his eyes stiffly towards me, 'to observe that you are of a sullen disposition.
'I have never meant to be sullen since I came back.'
Lorn Macdonald gives a wonderful uptempo comic performance as Spanner, although Cristian Ortega's Johnno is a sullen, slouching, much too passive observer whose one decisive moment feels forced.
The tabloid shared a ( photo of the Oscar-winning actress and her six children and asserted that Shiloh looked "downcast" and "sullen" not only in the snap but during the whole trip.
GARY HOLT has revealed giving their physio pelters over his failing diet has helped put a smile on his sullen Livingston players' faces.
The two girls - Belinda, conscientious and missing her irrepressible sidekick, fellow house girl Mary, who makes sweetly rambling yet wise phone calls from Ghana; and Amma, sullen, surly and grappling with feelings she can't share with her parents - are utterly at odds.
It felt like it had been coming after his sullen press conferences, fall out with fans and very public flirtation with Paris St Germain.
JAMES Norton assumes a strikingly sullen persona in a new picture from the BBC's forthcoming crime thriller McMafia (below).
The sullen, steroid-infused fighter has been confirmed to return to the franchise in the upcoming 'Creed II,' set to come out later this year.
Artistic, unusual drawings of this sullen man perfectly capture his dark mood and the dark day, until a little boy changes his perspective in an unexpected way.
Summary: Donald Trump, clearly angered by news reports that he has grown depressed and sullen over his fading presidential prospects, has issued some of his sharpest attacks on the media.
Sullen Simon is back, more sulky than ever, and Gail finds out what happened to Callum as David and Kylie struggle to get back to normal.
|Jerking around: Steve Martin STOKER (Friday, Film4, 9pm) MIA WASIKOWSKA, right, is mesmerising as sullen teenager India Stoker, whose father perishes in a freak car accident.