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Synonyms for sulfurous

of or related to or containing sulfur or derived from sulfur


characterized by oppressive heat and humidity

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DGO2 and DGO3 were initially set to confirm the impact of lowering viscosity from DGO1 and the impact of the sulfurous EP agent.
Sulfurous compounds at low concentrations may cause a perceived "minerality" in some wines.
Each egg-stinking, sulfurous shot fouls your barrel, which should ideally be cleaned after every firing.
The sulfurous waters are accumulated in marl-limestone deposits, with intercalation of gypsum at the top and they are located on Ialomita's valley, between Vulcana ci Pucioasa (Pricajan, 1972).
Sailors and artillery-men of old must have loathed the sulfurous, biting clouds of blackpowder smoke, knowing it would take hours and untold amounts of elbow grease to clean their big guns.
2] is produced by the combination of sulfur and oxygen, and sulfurous acid is generated by the combination of [SO.
This crude biogas was cleaned of sulfurous compounds and initially used to fire combustion turbines spinning generators to make electricity.
The sulfurous smell given off by the putrefied egg mimics the smell of rotting meat, giving deer the impression there is a predator in the vicinity," says Scott Williams, an assistant scientist for the Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture and co-author of the study.
Sulfurous volatiles emitted by plants play a role in chemical defense (Rouseff et al.
In Odorless Rot, 2011, the cloud is sulfurous yellow, given depth by sponged-on black paint that carves out eye holes and a mouth.
The latter cursed him with a sulfurous personality that led him to betray friends, abandon ideologies, denounce his Judaism, reject his family, marry the blatantly anti-Semitic Alma Mahler, seek to sidle up to the Nazis, and, only when the jackboots came too close, flee to Hollywood and write silly screenplays until his early death.
They can live in your body, in anoxic hot environments such a volcanic fumerals in the deep sea, the sulfurous hot springs at Yellowstone National park, in mangrove swamp muds and on open wetland flats where they are grazed upon by snails, shrimp, minnows and mullet.
However, much of Saudi Arabia's shut-in oil is known to be low quality, heavy, sulfurous crude, not the first choice of many refiners.
I expect he and Booth will meet Cheney soon enough in the sulfurous precincts of the afterworld.
Mustard's alluring pungency only develops when cold water is blended with the ground seed and a reaction occurs between the enzyme myrosin and the glycoside sinigrin, resulting in a sulfurous compound captured in the highly volatile (and hot-tasting) seed oil.