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Synonyms for sulfurous

of or related to or containing sulfur or derived from sulfur


characterized by oppressive heat and humidity

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Some critical points were found inside the excavation of the El Divino Nino mine where a high acidity condition due to the exposure of sulfurous rock ratios with air and water (Figure 6 and Figure 7), in the presence of this type of rock accelerates the rate of acid generation causing significant environmental impacts as follows:
Polaroid art--a silhouette of a sulfurous cloud-shrouded landscape viewed through a window.
Although both additives could mutually cause an antagonistic impact, in this study, by controlling the active sulfur content in the sulfurous EP agent as well as the treat ratios of both additives, the trade-off relation between anti-wear and anti-seizure was overcome and then the optimum treat rate of the EP and AW agents was studied.
The springs are not sulfurous, so there is no odor, but the waters are laden with minerals.
Some sulfurous compounds can be pleasant, as is the case with grape-derived thiols that are intrinsic to the passion fruit, box wood and grapefruit aromas of Sauvignon Blanc.
Breathing problems caused by the sulfurous haze that wafted from Laki to Europe may have contributed to the early deaths of tens of thousands.
Long years in such a sulfurous environment have given the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) a kind of a breakthrough which was otherwise unimaginable.
That time period immediately followed an increase in the burning of sulfurous coal that spewed greater amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere.
A relatively small coterie of Massachusetts primitive firearms hunters who love black powder and the sulfurous cloud of smoke that mystically follows each shot are now seeking the illusive white-tail with those challenging weapons.
"At least 90 percent of bad breath problems are associated with the sulfurous compounds generated by the putrefying, malodor-forming, anaerobic bacteria, which hide in oral crevices, and which degrade food particles and salivary cell fragments," Kross says.
Feral horses wander through its moss-covered oak forests, alligators slink through its sulfurous marshes, and, every year, thousands of loggerhead turtles nest on its beaches.
Some of the chaotic terrains of EuropaEeA[sup.3]s surface could have been produced in this way." The researcher indicates that at present the reddish colour of these formations is explained as produced by the alteration of the salts due to the strong irradiation of Jupiter's charged particles, forming sulfurous compounds..
The dissolution of calcite present in the marble and limestone takes place when it reacts with sulfurous, sulfuric and nitric acids in polluted air.
Oresharski set off outrage when he appointed Delyan Peevski, a 32-year-old media mogul with a thin rA[c]sumA[c] and a sulfurous reputation, as head of the national security agency.
The sulfurous waters are accumulated in marl-limestone deposits, with intercalation of gypsum at the top and they are located on Ialomita's valley, between Vulcana ci Pucioasa (Pricajan, 1972).