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treated or impregnated with sulfur

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The organic borate ester additive containing nitrogen (BNO) was purchased from Vanderbilt Company; and titanium dialkyldithiocarbamate (TiDDC) and sulfurized titanate (TiS) were synthesized in the lab.
Test oil samples for gear unit-stand tests DGOl DG02 DG03 DG04 KV40, [mm.sup.2]/s 182 73 KV100, [mm.sup.3]/s 17 11 Sulfurized olefin -- S-1 S-2 Active sulfur content -- High Low Sulfur content, mass% 2.8 2.1 4.4 3.3 Phosphorus content, mass% 0.12 0.14 0.12 0.14 Fig 4.
Several other antioxidant types (alkylated amine, alkylated phenol and sulfurized ester) were tested, but none of them acted as an LSPI quencher in the same manner as ZDDP.
The target materials include sulfurized steel, which makes fasteners less prone to filing contamination and effectively raising lathing efficiency.
Sulfurized and leaded steels adversely affect cold rolling operations, but generally not enough to be of concern to most jobs.
The thermal behavior of the alkylated and sulfurized PMIA was measured by thermogravimetry (TG) on a Shimazu Model TG 30-M under a nitrogen atmosphere.
Figure 1 depicts the XRD and Raman patterns of the sputtered films and sulfurized films.
Acetone extract is the amount of unreacted oil and partially sulfurized glyceride oil extractable from the VVO (ref.
In this paper, we studied the electrical and optical properties of [Cu.sub.2]Sn[S.sub.3] thin films sulfurized at temperatures of 350-425[degrees]C in order to obtain CTS films with good properties.
The absence of chlorinated and sulfurized compounds meets the requirements of nuclear industries.
Datta, "Mechanistic study on the role of sulfurized para-aramid short fibers in rubber to brass adhesion, "Rubber Division, A CS, Pittsburgh, November 1-3 (2005).
Reactive sputtering has been used to prepare a fully sulfurized CZTS precursor film at low temperature followed by rapid annealing, which enhances the grain size [13].
In order to prove or disprove this hypothesis, it is expected that this mechanism of formation depends upon the oxidized or sulfurized iron atoms present on the surface of the mold.