suicide mission

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killing or injuring others while annihilating yourself

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He was the best opponent I've faced and very quick indeed, but I don't think I was on a suicide mission.
A group of workers accepting what may be a suicide mission for the greater good.
Abdulla set off on a doomed suicide mission to Glasgow airport the day after two bombs he planted failed.
Other footage shown to the jury included the 9/11 attacks and a man in a car claiming he was on a suicide mission.
I saw no brake lights and it was like he was on a suicide mission.
Another piece of footage allegedly showed a man leaving to take part in a suicide mission in a vehicle packed with explosives.
Fury Sunday, C5, 9pm Brad Pitt is a WWII tank commander whose platoon is sent on a suicide mission into German territory with a cowardly rookie gunner.
He claimed leader Kim Jong-un was on a suicide mission and taunted him as the Rocket Man.
In a blistering first speech to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, the US president branded the rogue regime's leader a "twisted dictator" on a suicide mission.
Even if we had withdrawn the driving licence from every potential Jihadist, that wouldn't have deterred one of them from going on a suicide mission, and if any of the solutions put forward by the those parties had been imposed, the liberal left would have responded as they did against Donald Trump
Summary: A man from north Lebanon has been killed in Iraq while on a suicide mission for Daesh (ISIS), the latest in a string of Lebanese nationals revealed to have been fighting alongside extremist groups.
The boy who said his name was Baharullah (his father's name has been shown Asadullah) admitted to having been deputed on a suicide mission.
fury Friday, Sky Movies Premiere, 8pm PREMIERE Brad Pitt is WWII tank commander Wardaddy, whose platoon is sent on a suicide mission into German territory with a cowardly rookie gunner (Logan Lerman).
One concern could be that Lia considers her suicide mission a glorious one, uncomfortably mirroring real-life human bombers in today's world; however, this is a debut novel of power and conviction, and fortunately, it is part one of a planned series.
Pat Ryder said in a statement on Wednesday that the missiles will help in safely detonating the suicide mission car bombs used by the terrorists to seize control of the town over the weekend after an 18-month battle.