suicide mission

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killing or injuring others while annihilating yourself

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WITH a sub-machine gun slung over one shoulder and his eyes darting over the other, Lee Marvin leads a squad of convicted rapists and murderers on a suicide mission deep in the heart of Hitler's Germany.
Hamed's huge heart and venomous punching clinched a sensational fourth-round win - but his trainer- manager Brendan Ingle claimed afterwards the Sheffield showman had been on a suicide mission.
Abdulla set off on a doomed suicide mission to Glasgow airport the day after two bombs he planted failed.
Other footage shown to the jury included the 9/11 attacks and a man in a car claiming he was on a suicide mission.
I saw no brake lights and it was like he was on a suicide mission.
A BRITISH double agent's rejected plan to kill Adolf Hitler in a suicide mission, was revealed in archive papers yesterday.
Brad Pitt portrays a platoon leader who's sent on a suicide mission into German territory with Logan Lerman's terrified rookie gunner.
Brad Pitt is a Second World War tank commander on a suicide mission into German territory.
fury Friday, Sky Movies Premiere, 8pm PREMIERE Brad Pitt is WWII tank commander Wardaddy, whose platoon is sent on a suicide mission into German territory with a cowardly rookie gunner (Logan Lerman).
Pat Ryder said in a statement on Wednesday that the missiles will help in safely detonating the suicide mission car bombs used by the terrorists to seize control of the town over the weekend after an 18-month battle.
This might seem far-fetched, however, if one pilot is determined to crash the plane, regardless of the fact that passengers' safety and well-being comes first, how can a female flight attendant -- and I put emphasis on the word 'female' -- prevent a pilot, who is on a calculated suicide mission, from crashing the plane?
Intelligence agencies were receiving information about the entrance of ten terrorists in the city on a suicide mission, a release issued by the law enforcement agencies said.
If you eliminate the pilot on a suicide mission, I'm sure you could have put the aircraft in the South China Sea, rather than fly it for seven hours.
In reality, he was going to do a suicide mission for the Islamic State.