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dangerous to yourself or your interests

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The results of several reviews about the association between the treatment of pediatric depression with antidepressants and suicidally have questioned the appropriateness of the FDA warning.
World coming to an end and they had nothing better to do than charge suicidally around in Ferraris and Mercs.
We admire these lazy, suicidally inept animals yet we disrespect smart beings like the rat and the crow, which, respectively, display selflessness and a sense of humour.
MUMFORD & SONS: LG ARENA THERE were a lot of women sashaying around the LG Arena last Friday, some togged out in demure winter wear but others sporting micro-minis and suicidally high heels.
It has taken the stuffing out of the House of Commons" Former Commons Speaker Baroness Boothroyd criticises the so-called "family friendly hours" and the virtual end of late-night sittings "The back-stabbing, public cynicism and Parliament's impotence being unable to right so many wrongs because we have suicidally given away so much power to Eurocrats, unelected judges and the British executive" Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton on what he does not miss about not being in Parliament "I feel slightly uncomfortable about artists turning a scribble into a meal" Sculptor Antony Gormley says he does not sign napkins to pay the bill in a restaurant "My husband is like 'It only took you nine years to get people to like you'.
But why would a Republican Party that is not suicidally inclined favor it?
The suicidally inclined service personnel need the efficacious treatment by skilled professionals.
Both teams attacked relentlessly, often defended suicidally and both had their goalkeepers to thank for keeping the scoreline respectable.
How could any sane driver - mindful of his own safety if no-one else's - have been so suicidally stupid to have driven a lorry with such volatile chemicals on board when one of its wheels had no nuts?
Josh said: "The Brits could either have surrendered or, near suicidally, attempt to walk hundreds of miles to safety through the Sahara.
The rest of the week-long journey was no easy ride either, taking in twisting dirt tracks at nose-bleed altitudes, deadly hairpin turns, flash floods and suicidally bad drivers almost running them off the road at every given opportunity.
GAD has been shown in several studies to increase suicide risk in adults, and in the Great Smoky Mountains Study, the combination of GAD and current depression was associated with a substantially increased risk of suicidally in teenagers, Dr.
But frankly, the snooze-fest that is David Blaine sitting around is nothing compared to watching someone suicidally jumping a line of parked buses, is it?
There's playing with fire, and then there's acting suicidally.
But Colin Firth deserved his best actor nomination as a college professor suicidally tormented by the death of his longtime partner Jim (Matthew Goode).