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dangerous to yourself or your interests

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Structurally, Chang might suggest--perhaps even suicidally.
Both teams attacked relentlessly, often defended suicidally and both had their goalkeepers to thank for keeping the scoreline respectable.
How could any sane driver - mindful of his own safety if no-one else's - have been so suicidally stupid to have driven a lorry with such volatile chemicals on board when one of its wheels had no nuts?
Josh said: "The Brits could either have surrendered or, near suicidally, attempt to walk hundreds of miles to safety through the Sahara.
RHOD Gilbert's driving a 4X4 around Nepal's suicidally dangerous roads, while Billy Connolly's biking down Route 66.
GAD has been shown in several studies to increase suicide risk in adults, and in the Great Smoky Mountains Study, the combination of GAD and current depression was associated with a substantially increased risk of suicidally in teenagers, Dr.
But frankly, the snooze-fest that is David Blaine sitting around is nothing compared to watching someone suicidally jumping a line of parked buses, is it?
There's playing with fire, and then there's acting suicidally.
But Colin Firth deserved his best actor nomination as a college professor suicidally tormented by the death of his longtime partner Jim (Matthew Goode).
Jeremy Renner's compelling performance in Bigelow's film as the suicidally brave bomb-disposal technician is a portrait of guy who takes terrifying risks, but somehow survives and prospers.
Fernando Alonso took pole in Hungary by fuelling suicidally lightly from a race-strategy point of view and he may be thinking of going for glory again to judge from yesterday's practice times.
STANDING up to a bully is admirable but picking a fight with a heavyweight champion is suicidally foolish.
WE NOW live in a dying country, killed off by conniving politicians suicidally elected by people mired in misconception.
and the young shaved-head men in Gaza are suicidally proud
Mental illness, of which I have suffered most 'types' in my time--whether being happier than a lottery winner, suicidally low, hearing voices or having extreme paranoia (and thus delusional beliefs)--is extremely complex.