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tall evergreen of Japan and China yielding valuable soft wood

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At Sugi, as at Tomo, you don't feel the sushi chef giving you a baleful look and sharpening his knife with excessive emphasis if you'd be so base as to make a slurry of wasabi and soy sauce in which to dip your sushi.
The authors propose an explanation of the decrease in precipitation in the 2CO2 runs is similar to that described by Sugi and Yoshimura (2004) above, while the increases in the 2K runs are a result of increased surface evaporation.
Even Governor Shintaro Ishihara came down with it, and as a consequence, has initiated a program to reduce the number of pollen bearing Sugi by replacing them with a new low-pollen variety over the next 10 years.
Indeed, domestic stumpage prices of the two main planed species, sugi cedar and hinoki cypress, did not peak until 1980 but wage rates in forestry had risen faster than prices since the mid-1960s (Akao 2002, 31-2).
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 13, 2006 - (JCN) - Future System Consulting yesterday announced that Sugi Pharmacy, an Aichi-based drug retailer, has begun operating an information management system developed by Future System Consulting in its shops.
Announced at its SUGI (SAS User Group International) event in April, the BI applications provider is upgrading its SAS Enterprise BI Server, a component of the SAS 9 Intelligence Platform, with query and reporting tools, as well as online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities.
html has links to brief, outline-style biographies of some forty women born in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries--from "household names" Karen Horney and Anna Freud to the perhaps less-well-known Sugi Mibai and Else Frenkel-Brunswik--who have made significant contributions to the field of psychology.
However, Sugi says, the travel market lags about six months behind the economy.
Hikaru Sugi, newly named managing officer, says three themes are driving future product development--demand for improved cabin comfort, need for more energy, efficient controls and regulations requiring carmakers to convert to noncarbon refrigerants.
According to to Hikaru Sugi, director of the thermal products division, Denso has been spending a significant amount of R&D effort on perfecting units that can run on refrigerants other than R134a.
Data were obtained on au jus (Bryan & McKinley, 1980); rice (Bryan, Bartleson, & Christopherson, 1981) and other Chinese foods (Bryan, Bartleson, Sugi, Miyashiro, & Tsutsumi, 1982; Bryan, Bartleson, Sugi, Sakai, et al,, 1982; Bryan, Sugi, Miyashiro, et al.
A letter released by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) dated 2 November said that Eiji Sugi, one of several Alaska Airlines employees assigned to the crash work groups, was delaying the study of lubrication, suspected to be one causal factor in the MD-80 accident, because his "lack of expertise and failure to understand and communicate technical issues have caused unnecessary work.
We all joke about it at school,'' says Sugi Ok, a friend.
Asi, el Yaqui Joe (mi idolo), cuya unica singularidad era la de no llevar calzon corto sino negros pantalones entallados hasta el tobillo; y Firpo Segura, ex boxeador; y el japones Sugi Sito; y luego Tarzan Lopez, Gori Guerrero, Black Guzman, en fin.