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the quality or condition of being sensual

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I like it because it gets people thinking,' said Rocco Nacino when asked to comment on the sexual suggestiveness of the title of his latest film, 'Bar Boys.
In claiming Erasmus, Thomas More, and Machiavelli as the foundation of Latin American culture, Carlos Fuentes was indulging suggestiveness above precision.
This week she was indeed creating her favourite breakfast treat, but not before a sprinkle of fluttery eyelash gazing at the camera and maybe just a pinch of suggestiveness.
A massive leap from her usual offerings of Carry On style farce, topped off with a smattering of suggestiveness and smut, her latest offering promises to keep children and adults of all ages engaged and entertained.
In English we get closest to its suggestiveness with volume-.
They were the most attractive olives we'd ever seen - granted, not a sentence I ever expected to type - plump to the point of suggestiveness, and aubergine-purple in colour.
Indeed, Gilmore seems to be offering an innovative model of literary criticism less invested in telling a single comprehensive story than in exploring a number of "interwoven histories" (160) whose intricacy and suggestiveness open the way to further analyses.
While the novel's view of commerce in the opening chapters is as ironic as one would expect from the author of Nostromo, Sofianos cogently argues that beyond the meticulously realised world of commerce and finance, the novel's essential dynamic is driven by the dream-world, by suggestiveness, obliqueness, atmosphere, and that indeed the text as a whole aspires to the condition of music, which Conrad called "the art of arts" (Preface to The Nigger of the Narcissus).
possessed of some of the allurement and suggestiveness that they had in the fields and woods.
Regarding the style of the original stories, Burton continues The merit of the old stories lies in their suggestiveness and in their general acceptability.
The filmic equivalent of the saucy seaside McGill postcards, they were reviled as filth, porn, and suggestiveness because of their double entendres and scatological innuendo.
It was at this stage in the novel's composition that Conrad began the smaller-scale search for the most precise and expressive words to create what the editors describe as "greater suggestiveness and nuance" as well as "the right accent" (x).
Dirty Peters highlights several mood enhancing genres such as rock, hip hop, and jazz while riding the line of wit and ill-suited suggestiveness.
Our job will be to harness and bring that excitement, fun and suggestiveness to the fragrance world.
The thing is that, between straightforwardness and suggestiveness, the latter is valued much more in Chinese literary and artistic circles.