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Synonyms for sugarcoat

to make superficially more acceptable or appealing

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

Synonyms for sugarcoat

coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze

cause to appear more pleasant or appealing

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There was no point raising my voice but equally you can't sugarcoat what happened in that final 30 minutes, in particular," he said, having seen Harry Kane score from the penalty spot to make it 2-2 just after half-time.
Research suggests that men are less likely than women to sugarcoat (Detert and Burris, 2007; LePine and Van Dyne, 1998).
Do not sugarcoat productivity expectations, salary support and non-clinical work just to get the candidate to accept the position.
Morning by Morning does not sugarcoat the homeschool experience, and when interviewed, Penn-Nabrit spoke candidly about her son's unhappiness with homeschooling.
I will not sugarcoat the potential dangers'' posed by North Korea on these issues, Albright said.
A devastated Munsayac did not sugarcoat his words, and said a loss is a loss no matter the angle he looked at it.
That was before Saturday's practice, when Lakers coach Phil Jackson was in no mood to sugarcoat his team's second loss of the season to the Charlotte Bobcats.
A strength of both of the movies is an unwillingness to sugarcoat the gravity of the situation.
Despite its happy ending, Black Beauty does not sugarcoat the fact that a horse's life is one of misery and drudgery.
We should not try to sugarcoat ourselves, and I reject the notion that every gay man should conduct himself as an ambassador of the global gay village.
Hastert singled out Soros' support for drug legalization, which the billionaire and his allies sugarcoat with euphemisms like decriminalization and harm reduction.
Our game wasn't up to our standards, and coach Norton's not going to sugarcoat it.
Kessler's blunt evocation of the terrorist's-eye view trained on a series of tourist-souvenir images does not sugarcoat the process of information extraction: Unlike our government, he refuses to disavow the intimate relationship between violence and representation.