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Synonyms for pill


a bitter pill (to swallow)

Synonyms for pill

an unpleasant, tiresome person

Synonyms for pill

something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size

Related Words

a unpleasant or tiresome person

something unpleasant or offensive that must be tolerated or endured

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England head coach Trevor Bayliss did not sugar the pill
What we don't want, and certainly don't need, is for Darling to sugar the pill - or delay dishing out the medicine required.
Ministers have attempted to sugar the pill by promising that business organisations will have a direct say in how this money should be spent, but suspicion at a time when all companies are facing huge financial pressures remains acute.
And there will be extra cash available to sugar the pill.
However, it helped sugar the pill that the original location of the channel, as Ch425, put it close to the prestigious Sky Sports channels and live horseracing.
I always try to sugar the pill. There's no point in giving a sugary reading to everyone when most people want a reading when their life is going through a bad period.
"You don't have to sugar the pill for me, Ground Control.
To sugar the pill, a local group of artists - Cite de la Creation - was commissioned to decorate 16 of the flank walls with murals depicting Garnier's Cite Industrielle and his major projects in Lyons.