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an advocate of the extension of voting rights (especially to women)

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It also brought to the fore a strand of her thinking that had not been accentuated before Robins's exposure to suffragist arguments during her time with the WSPU: her desire to ameliorate the living and working conditions of the Edwardian poor.
Suffragist Carrie Burnham mistakenly manufactured a fascinating
The chapter rifled "Allegory as Resistance" explores how Markievicz used Bean na hEireann and the Irish Citizen to enlist women in the cause of political activism, to heal significant divisions between the suffragists and nationalists when they were at odds, and to promote the idea of the "Armed" New Woman, an activist who would be equipped with the historical background, visionary ideals, and military weaponry to bring about the liberation of Ireland, women, and the poor.
Out of one hundred voting districts that supported that year's suffragist amendment to the state constitution, seventy-eight had large Jewish populations.
Suddenly, Hewitt emerged from the bushes, calmly hung his satchel on the end of the running rail and - revolver in his right hand and suffragist flag in his left - threw up his arms and shouted, according to Whalley's subsequent evidence, "I will stop the race
A definitive biography of the crusading newspaperwoman of the late-19th century who sued a railroad for kicking her out of the "ladies' car," campaigned against lynching and crusaded in the suffragist movement.
She and Briggsie had to close down the Rest Farm because of difficult economic conditions after the Great Depression, but, with significant financial backing from vegetarian sculptor and suffragist Alice Morgan Wright, Anna opened the National Humane Education Society (NHES), a no-kill animal shelter, in 1948.
Hilary Swank plays suffragist Alice Paul in HBO's ``Iron Jawed Angels.
There's Nellie Nugent Somerville, a suffragist and politician in an era when women were expected to tend only to their homes; Vera Mae Pigee, the "mother" of the Delta's civil rights movement; Elizabeth Lee Hazen, a microbiologist whose discoveries had major repercussions in the field of medicine; and Hazel Brannon Smith, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and vocal opponent of racial discrimination.
And mother Vanessa Redgrave has been both lesbian- and transgender-friendly: as a suffragist in The Bostonians; as transsexual tennis player Renee Richards in the TV movie Second Serve, as lesbian author (and Virginia Woolfs lover) Vita Sackville-West in the play Vita and Virginia, and, most recently, as a closeted older lesbian who loses her lover and then their home in the HBO movie If These Walls Could Talk 2.
A few black leaders recognized this need and joined the nineteenth century abolitionist movement with the Suffragist movement and the 1960s civil rights movement with the second wave of the women's movement.
We have long known that the safety of a country rests upon the intelligence as much as upon the character of its citizens," explained one suffragist.
8) Although he vigorously lobbied the Democratic platform committee behind the scenes not to endorse a controversial pro-suffrage plank, Wilson told suffragist groups during the campaign that his hands were tied by a Democratic platform opposing their goals.
Bonus features include a 12-page viewer's guide and map, an overview of WW I, and articles on trench warfare, the suffragist movement, and WW I poets.